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XMen Movie Disscussion topic
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    SOrlando24 posted on Jun 03, 2006 7:16:06 PM - Report post
    Okay in this topic you will disscuss all of the XMen movies. Here is a list of things you should disscuss.


    -XMen 2
    -XMen 3
    -Ideas of XMen 4
    -Pictures(Links only)
    -Ending of XMen 3
    -Anything regarding the topic

    That's most of the things you should to disscuss. Please follow the following rules.


    -No spam
    -No flamming
    -No off disscussion
    -No trolling

    There will also be a list of XMen fanatics. This will just be fun. To get on the list you have to be an active Member on this topic.

    XMen Fanatics:


    We will also have a listing of Members favorite mutant. The following Mutants you can vote on.

    Mutant Vote

    -Professor Xavier
    -Jean Grey
    -Kitty Pride
    -Ice Man
    -Lady Deathstrike

    You can vote twice. You cant vote twice for the same person.

    Well let the disscussions begin.

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    CrysisNomad posted on Apr 21, 2008 8:49:39 AM - Report post
    All Of Them Are Very Good Movies!
  • Send a message to Megatron7
    Megatron7 posted on Apr 22, 2008 11:01:42 AM - Report post
    I vote For Wolverine, he is the best!
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    the_red_knight posted on Dec 05, 2008 7:39:43 PM - Report post
    i like all three of them and i think that they are all great movies. i cant really say would my favorite muntant is becaue they didnt show Gambit in any of the movies so ill go with Wolverine and Pryo, only because he gets to play with fire which i love to do...lol. as far as a X-Men 4 i dont think that you can have X-Men without Xavier and Magneto, i mean it sucked so bad that Xavier died and Magneto lost his powers at the end. kinda makes a part 4 unable to happen because i dont know who tey could make as the new leaders, well maybe Pryo or someone could take control of the Brotherhood and Strom, Wolverine, or maybe even Beast could take control of the X-Men but then again its just not the same without Xavier and Magneto
    "fighting for justice or evil is just fighting for no purpose really and just for the fun of it but to fight to protect the ones you love is to fight for a true purpose"

    The Red Knight
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    error_691 posted on Dec 06, 2008 2:14:23 AM - Report post
    this movie is GREAT and i love it .and i gladly vote for wolwerin
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