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Unit Cheats
Ghalavand  posted on Dec 14, 2006 4:12:46 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Sethanator

when ever i put in the numbers for expirience, armour level and weapon level with the create unit cheat, it never actually shows up. what am i doing wrong? this is what i put in: create_unit "Apollonia" "roman arcani" 5/9/3/3
should i put it in as this instead: 5 9 3 3?

create_unit "Apollonia" "roman arcani" 5 9 3 3
create_unit "Admiral Oppius" "naval deceres" 5 9 3 3

Arcani is too small unit.

When you get the mail you have the unlimited power!!!


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Jayjacko8  posted on May 09, 2007 10:33:22 AM - Report post

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use my 1 turn unit and buildings files! here: www.sendspace.com/file/wxvqhl enjoy, any problems email me at minime852@hotmail.co.uk or pm me!
Garminius  posted on May 13, 2007 5:31:28 AM - Report post

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To make the Roman Arcani unit larger you need to edit a file called “export_descr_unit.txt” which can be found in the data directory. Find this file and make a copy of it somewhere safe in case you mess up.

Open “export_descr_unit.txt” with notepad and find the entry for roman arcani. The easiest way would be to use the search facility.

You need to change the number 16 in this line..

soldier roman_arcani, 16, 0, 1

to something like this..

soldier roman_arcani, 40, 0, 1

Save the file and after that the smallest unit size will be 40

For the change to take effect you will need to re-start the game and start a new campaign. This means that any saved game will not have the benefit of the larger unit size.

Hope someone finds this useful.

SilentGuardian  posted on Nov 28, 2007 12:54:45 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Galantor

originally posted by BloodRaven06

I seem to be having trouble using the create unit cheat. Anyone care to provide me with an example of what you would type in? Thanks.


Here's what I found to work... once per game start... if you mistype the create_unit command, you must quit out of the game completely and restart it, just as if you entered it correctly.

I have not figured out why some use
arguments at the end and which ones use 5 yet... good luck!
~create_unit "city" "roman triarii" #-of-units 1-8 1-8 1-8 (1-8 maybe)

Naval vessels:
{naval_bireme} Bireme
{naval_trireme} Trireme
{naval_corvus} Corvus Quinquireme
{naval_decere} Decere
{naval_pirates} Pirate Ships

Roman units:
{roman_archer_auxillia} Archer Auxilia
roman_triarii Triarii
roman_hastati Hastati
roman_infantry_auxillia (spearmen)
{roman_archer} Roman Archers
{roman_velite_gladiator} Velite Gladiators
{roman_principes} Principes

{roman_legionary_cohort_ii} Legionary Cohort
{roman_legionary_first_cohort_ii} Legionary First Cohort
{roman_praetorian_cohort_i} Praetorian Cohort
{roman_praetorian_cohort_urban_i} Urban Cohort
{roman_arcani} Arcani
{roman_wardogs} Wardogs
{roman_incendiary_pigs} Incendiary Pigs
{roman_samnite_gladiator} Samnite Gladiators
{roman_mirmillo_gladiator} Mirmillo Gladiators

{roman_generals_guard_cavalry} Roman General
{roman_cavalry_auxillia} Cavalry Auxilia
{roman_medium_cavalry} Roman Cavalry
{roman_heavy_cavalry} Legionary Cavalry
{roman_praetorian_cavalry} Praetorian Cavalry
{roman_generals_guard_cavalry_early} Roman General
{roman_ballista} Ballistas
{roman_scorpion} Scorpions
{roman_onager} Onagers
{roman_repeating_ballistae} Repeating Ballistas
{roman_heavy_onager} Heavy Onagers

{generic_rebel_general} Rebel General
{barb_rebel_general} Rebel General
{eastern_rebel_generals} Rebel General

{judean_zealots} Judean Zealots
{merc_peltast} Mercenary Peltasts
{merc_illyrian} Illyrian Mercenaries
{merc_samnite} Samnite Mercenaries
{merc_thracian} Thracian Mercenaries
{merc_bastarnae} Bastarnae Mercenaries
{merc_sarmatian_cavalry} Sarmatian Mercenaries
{merc_eastern_infantry} Eastern Mercenaries
{merc_rhodian_slingers} Rhodian Slingers
{merc_cretan_archers} Cretan Archers
{merc_greek_hoplites} Mercenary Hoplites
{merc_barbarian_infantry} Barbarian Mercenaries
{merc_barbarian_cavalry} Barbarian Cavalry Mercenaries
{merc_elephants} Mercenary War Elephants
{barbarian_civ_peasant} Barbarian Tribesmen
{barbarian_female_peasant} Barbarian Tribesmen

Greek units:
{greek_scythed_chariots} Scythed Chariots
{greek_onagers} Onagers
{greek_elephant_small} Elephants
{greek_elephant_african} War Elephants
{greek_elephant_armoured} Armoured Elephants

{greek-Light_lancer} Light Lancers
{greek_cavalry} Militia Cavalry
{greek_medium_cavalry} Greek Cavalry
{greek_heavy_cavalry} Macedonian Cavalry
{greek_royal_cavalry} Companion Cavalry

{greek_generals_guard_cavalry_early} General's Bodyguard
{greek_generals_guard_cavalry} General's Bodyguard
{thracian_generals_guard_cavalry_early} General's Bodyguard
{thracian_generals_guard_cavalry} General's Bodyguard

{greek_legionary} Silver Shield Legionaries
{greek_silver_shields} Silver Shield Pikemen
{greek_royal_pikemen} Royal Pikemen
{greek_pikemen} Phalanx Pikemen
{greek_hoplite_elite} Armoured Hoplites
{greek_hoplite_spartan} Spartan Hoplites

{greek_heavy_peltast} Heavy Peltasts
{greek_archer} Archers

{egyptian_generals_bodyguard} Egyptian General

create_unit "Rhodes" "roman arcani" 5 9 9 9
create_unit "Campus_Iazyges" "roman heavy onager" 5 8 8 8 8

create_unit "Arretium" "roman arcani" 5 8 8 8
create_unit "Kotais" "greek silver shield pikemen" 5 8 8 8 8
create_unit "Kotais" "east hoplite brazen shield" 5 8 8 8 8


hey can you tell me all the units names that you have to type in for gaul, parthia and germania you can send them to me at silentguardian99@yahoo.com

gta_dude  posted on Apr 23, 2008 12:23:54 PM - Report post

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Im having trouble getting the naval ship cheats to work(everything else does), I think im typing it wrong.. help?


bdss0662  posted on Jun 04, 2008 5:14:48 PM - Report post

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If anyone wants to find out how to instant Build units refer to the Topic in the Board Instant Train Units
CompactDisc  posted on Nov 07, 2008 4:08:29 PM - Report post

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I don't know if this is still of any help, but I found out that to use the create_unit cheat for ships is different than for land units:

-You have to choose a generals name and not a city to place the ships.
-You have to type "naval" in front of the ship you want, and use "s" after the ship name except when there is corvus in the name:

create_unit "Admiral Oppius" "naval deceres" 5 9 3 3

the ships I found for the romans:
"naval biremes"
"naval triremes"
"naval quinquiremes"
"naval deceres"
"naval corvus quinquireme"

mercwolf88  posted on Nov 20, 2008 6:42:14 PM - Report post

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hello all i dont know if people still look at the rome total war cheats but i would like to know if any one knows where i can find a units cheat that gos something like the building ones the "process_cq" im only missing that cheat if any one can help me plz just send me a imail here ore just post it here and i will check when im back from vacation ^__^ thx alot guys hope u guys can help me
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