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pokeball  posted on Apr 20, 2006 11:49:47 PM - Report post

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ok you need: dig,flash,rocksmash,surf,and dive,wailord,relicanthand ultra balls and timer balls this entry is for all those peopl who dont know were regis are, well here it is!first you need a relicanth(underwater route126)in the back of your party and wailord(route 129 or from wailmer)in frontgo to pacifidlog town then go bottom left and surf left untill you see a current go to it.make sureyou hitan island with a fisherman on it to make sure, he has a team of gyarados.then after him go on surfin straight ahead(behind him)then you hit a ring of shallow water walk to the bottom left. surf ahead again then you should see two trainers swimming vertically get past them thengo to the space of water that sticks out into the current,surf the you should hit a shallow mass with rocksget to the left bottomand srf ,as you surf you get picked up by the tide the you hit a shallowmass againsimpl walk straght and surfdive in the watergo out of the cave thing the go downyou reach braille on a rock it reads"go up here."so go up there!
and you should find yourself in sealed chambergo up yo the sealed wall it reads "dig here" simple enough!after the cave is opened walk forward into it on the back wall it reads"first comes wailord.last comes relicanth."its th order they need to be a door opens far away.

NOTE: you dont need relicanth or wailord to battle them,they are all lvl fourty so make sure you save and dont kill em

regice:the cave to regice is north west of dewford island once there read the braille at he back (sorry peps i cant translate now boredom)anyway stay next to the wallsand run a lap the the dorr opens.bring ultra balls alot.
regirock:go to the desert then go south as far as you can you reach its cave.read the braille then goleft,left,down,down then use rock smash the door opens.
registeel:go west from lillycove cityuntil you reach the girl who gives you a wiki berrie go up the stairs until you reach the steel titans cave go in read the braille ,after go in the middle and use flash the door opens.
that is it please use it it took me over an hour to write and ecipher braille on the spot=) right now i look lik this
& lol bye
submitted by: pokeball,thanks to www.google.com.au(most of websites),pokemon magazine (braille chart)

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