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KH 2 Secret Ending (Spoiler Alert!)
junpeer  posted on Apr 05, 2006 12:49:59 AM - Report post

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Ok here is my two cents on it. Like someone said earlier that there was an interview with Nomura (sp) that the secret ending had to do with something in the past... ok I'll bit on that. Tomorrow I'll look the interview up to see what it says for sure. Anyways, I'm going with the story that the armored figures are NOT Riku, Sora, and Kairi only for the fact that I don't the all grow up to be 7 feet tall and wear all armor. I just don't by into that. So what I'm thinking, if this is placed in the past, that those are Keyblade Masters. When you fought with Xemnas he was in the armor or someone was in that armor when he was flying that magical machine dragon around. If I'm not mistaken you see that dragon or some device like it in the secret ending. Well Xemnas only got that after he called upon Kingdom Hearts. Ok so maybe that is a mythical creature within Kingdom Hearts... sounds good so far. So these three are Keyblade Masters and the duties of these Masters are to assign them to those with the puriest of heart or the chosen ones for some reason. Each picking up the three in the middle that look like Riku's, Sora's, and Mickey's. So that is where they were choosen, or the blades atleast, to be given to new wielders. As if those three swords were swords wielded by heroes in the past and now once again they must be used to defeat the darkness. Thus Kingdom Hearts so far... But then again why would there already be Mickey symbols on two of the blades. Maybe that is just part of another story and that is why Mickey is now the King ^^. The shadow coming towards them, thinking that is someone completely different. Maybe Xehonart (sp again) and it looks like Sora's shadow because he was suppose to be the chosen one or something. Don't know. Though I'm going to stick with the whole this is in the past and it has to do with some events that lead to a Keyblade War. Maybes those three things are chasers and they work for the Keyblade Master. Hell what if, that secret ending, was actually the ending to the next Kingdom Hearts that is a prequel to the first one. I mean that would make me pretty damn excited. Even if we have seen it before, could be a nice way to lead into a prequel. All I know now is that I have 100% in Proud Mode with everything accomplished that needs to be accomplished and nothing left to do in the game. God now I have to way a couple years for a glimpse of anything. You know this is kind of run-on-ish but what if that was put in the game just to get a reaction out of us. Say it was put in there so that they could check the boards and forums and see the overall reaction. If it is good and filled with tons of brilliant suggestions, they will make a game, and if not then they can scrap the series right there. Brilliant marketing scheme in my opinion. Anyways that was what I thought. Anything else that pops into my head I'll be sure to post more ramblings ^^
DaArtist  posted on Apr 05, 2006 4:34:11 AM - Report post

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So u completed Proud Mode, I WOULD beat Proud mode instead, only cuz all u have to do is completely beat the worlds, and then the last world to unlock the secret ending, but I juss dont wanna beat the game again. Lol. Its too long. I beat it on standard mode. I beat Sephiroth yesterday and completed my keyblade collection. I did everything. What Im wondering is how "complete" do u have to have Jiminy's Journal in order to see the secret ending in standard mode. Like do u have to do the additional tasks. One thing im havin trouble in Halloweentown, is the giftwrapping. One of the goals is to try it again. The secondary goal is to get more than 150 points. Im juss wondering if u HAVE to reach that goal to see the ending, cuz the most i can get is 115. Lol. There are few other things that are difficult also like some secondary goals in Olympus Coliseum. It sux. Lol. But anyways, on topic, who really knows who these 3 ppl are. I did of course think it could be juss new ppl. It looks more like it takes place in the future tho. Wasnt that whole interview about Kingdom Hearts 3 completely bogus? Wasnt it an April Fools joke? Lol. I onno. But, if they do make a sequel, maybe it'll first be a teasin Chain of Memories type thing for PSP or DS, then a full sequel later on. I think that these 3 ppl could be Sora, Kairi, and Riku because ya gotta realize that they are growing, and they are still young. Look at their changes from part one to part two. In part 1, Kairi's head was too big for her body. Lol, Sora's feet compared to Ronald Mc'Donald's. Lol. But in part 2, they look so much older, and its only 2 years later from part one. They are not even close to being adults yet. Maybe in part 2 they are too young to be in a keyblade war and maybe it doesnt happen until years later, and they are 7 FEET TALL. Lol. Who knows. I dont think that the girl could be any1 else tho. Unless they are new ppl. Thats the only other conclusion, which they could be because there are words circling the ansem reports at the beginning of the clip.
junpeer  posted on Apr 05, 2006 11:40:05 AM - Report post

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Ok DaArtist, umm think yous said you were having trouble with the Halloween Town mini-game with the presents. Ok my tactic that helped me clear it on the first try was this. Your basic button mashing, noob spray of the entire area (Good ol' days of Counter Strike ^^). At the beginning it seems a little slow and you think there is no way you can get 150, but you can just takes the keen eye. My biggest advice is aim for the bigger boxes and unload all the presents you can until it disappears. They rack up like 10-15 or even more because there are different colors that seem to be larger sizes. But yeah if you just spray on that factory floor you are bound to hit not only the small and large boxes but Lock, Shock, and Jock or whatever their names were. I can't give you much beyond that.... doing that I got 171 on the first try and was done with it. The next part about how you asked if you have to do all those secondary goals, my answer is going to be yes. That is subject to change but I don't think you get the Mickey sticker until you clear all objectives for all mini-games. The hardest ones for me were in Twilight Town though... like that damn poster mini-game >Now back to the point at hand, I didn't know if it is April Fools joke or not and still haven't even looked for the interview. But really I don't think it matters. Even though those things look futuristic you still saw that same technology at the end of KH2. So really I think it could go either way. Maybe there was a past war and now only 3 keyblade wielders are left. Or that not from Mickey was about the war and those three keyblades were from the heroes of the Keyblade War and the next game will actually be after the war an not during it. Who knows, and I don't really care at this point since any clues about a new game are pretty far off. Ok but this is what I want to bring to everyones attention. This might have been mentioned but watch the intro/recap movie in the beginning then watch the secret ending. Notice anything? Well I did. In the intro/recap movie there is a split second where Sora is standing in an area that goes off in four directions like in the secret ending but he is the only one standing there and instead of Keyblades around them just long blades of grass. I'm thinking this a hint, one of those hidden things that you have to see to understand another part of the story. But in this case we have no way of verifying any of our suggestions /sigh. Anyways take a look at that and tell me what you think. Could be worth a discussion.
SOrlando24  posted on Apr 05, 2006 1:48:35 PM - Report post

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Nice theories.
mOBSCENE  posted on Apr 05, 2006 2:24:43 PM - Report post

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I Just Want Someone To Translate It
Menchi_08  posted on Apr 05, 2006 2:27:11 PM - Report post

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so, yeah.. the people's things up above were to long, and i have a short time right now. But If you do read the report that someone posted about a few pages back, It's not Riku, Sora and Kairi and it takes place in the past ~_~'' so yeah. Some of this stuff that ppl are coming up with seem so off the wall its not even funny. SO yeah. I agree with alot of the other people on here who seem to make sense in the posts. So i have no need to say what i think. I will if anyone likes, but other than that, nah.
princesskairi  posted on Apr 05, 2006 5:55:25 PM - Report post

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I love how you think! That make SOOOOOOOO much sense!
RedTiger  posted on Apr 05, 2006 8:32:29 PM - Report post

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I have a short attention span... do not post something that long, i honestly wont read it.

My take is its a set up for the future. I dont think that those people are even from the two kh but new characters for a whole new future premise. Man but the creators are good with makin u want more.

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