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KH 2 Secret Ending (Spoiler Alert!)
Spartan313  posted on Apr 24, 2006 6:10:19 PM - Report post

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Ok tons of people are freaking out cause people are making theories, but im pretty sure this is y this topic was posted so people could discuss what they thought kh3 would be about and what they thought about the secret ending so calm down and just let people make theories. And about knowing about the nobodies, it is possible to know about them b4 they tell you,besides i never said i knew they were called nobodies i just said i knew about them as in i had a general idea of what they were, like roxas, as soon as i got the keyblade for the first time from him i put two and two together and figuered out he was really part of Sora, and i found out namine was really part of Kairi and thats why she had control over Sora's memories. It's called using common sense so dont tell me its immposible to know about them.
jdawg123  posted on Apr 25, 2006 12:55:39 PM - Report post

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I didnt read all the things posted so i dont know if any one put this down..... When the first guy with a keyblade shows up right before that it says ansem report 8 and a another one cant tell....so i read it....near the end it says " Thus i will both nake amends and have my revenge. Its is for the reason that i infilltrated castle oblivan. It consits of 13 floors of above and 12 floors below ground with the contents of the white rooms transforimg in response to its vistirs' memories. oranzation 13 was conducting experments on memeroys here. The subjects in these experiments a girl named namine appeard to have unusually abilitys. Were they atempting to derive something form the powers? Refusing to be distracded by organsation 13 when a new vistor apperaed at the castle today. It was sora the keyblade weilding hero whom had defeated ansem, and his companines. Deep underground the strench of darkness arose. ALL THE PLAYERS ARE COMING TOGETHER,IT WOULD SEEM".SO there proably going to be some big battle in it(keyblade war). When the people pick of the 3 keyblades i think that means kindom hearts 3. One of those keyblades looks like the orginal keyblade and the other looks like rikus and i think the 3rd one is king mickeys because the mickeys emblem is hanging off it...all them keyblades that r all over i think are all the people that them 3 people that they killed.this is my guess not truley sure i need more to figure out

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zorcon  posted on Apr 25, 2006 7:08:42 PM - Report post

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the 3 figures in armor aren t the 3 from kh2 infact there 3 intirely new people the other 3 are supost to be said in the 3rd game but infact arenot in the game them selves the part about the keybalde war is the past and the game is said to *take place in both the past and future* hence the birth by sleep the meaning of that is the past is doomed to repeat it self and the war happend befor and will happed agen the 3rd game is about figureing out what happend in the past and trying to pervent it in the future the reason for the armor is that the creator wanted to go for a great look and if he put them in cloaks he would be over welmed by questions and contervercy over the 2nd game also the armor in the video and not the real faces is cuz he has not yet drawn the faces or looks for then the 3 figures are infact 2 male 1 female and the 3 keyblades in the ground are in no way from the other 2 games and at this time kh3 will not be released the team responcable for creating kh is currently working on other projects nad is not estimated not if anytime that kh3 will be started by 2011 if its even started if ur wondering how i got this info its compiled from press releaces and emails i have recieved form creator and team after long and arguous mailing and questoning no more info is to be released on the game untill it is decided it will infact be created between 2008-2011 no clue on compleation date if it will be created im guessing about 3-4 yrs after start 2011-2015 is my gueess no telling though im hopeing for a faster releace and decition
darthbandon  posted on Apr 25, 2006 7:25:57 PM - Report post

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Even if what you say is true I still doubt it because by 2011 everyone will have forgotten about Kingdom heats. They're probably just saying that now. I predict that in the next 2-3 years it will be here becuase if you wait to 2011 you will lose all your fans because they will have given up on another sequel being made. Anyway that is just what I think.
conley  posted on Apr 26, 2006 4:50:42 AM - Report post

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if you remember at the time when u fight xemnas when u first see kiri riku hands her a keyblade to help fight off the heartless and she can weild it so maybe just maybe that was sora,riku,and kairi weilding the keyblades. just a hypothesis.
Vikter  posted on Apr 26, 2006 5:16:18 AM - Report post

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ponyboy there are roxas's kingdom key sora's kingdom key Riku's keyblade the way to dawn.
Ninjaboi978  posted on Apr 27, 2006 8:11:29 PM - Report post

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Ok! i have just made a breakthrough while reading over the interview with the director. Although this has been stated before i now have proof. On the third question from the bottom, it says that in Ansems other report #13, ansem ponders on how Xehanhort was able to open the door to Hollow Bastion. The answer is so simple now. Xehanhort was the keyblade weilder before Sora. Also everybody speaks of how the keyblade weilder brought chaos and destruction to the worlds, well they were in fact speaking of Xehanhort. There you go. If we continue this research at this pace, we should have the base of the story down in no time. So far we have compiled that the next game: (if there is one)

-It will take place in the past,
-Xehanhort was the previous keyblade weilder,
-The object in the background is the dragon from the battle with Xemnas,
-The keyblades that we see in the movie probally are turned into keychains because they lack them and they resemble keyblades from the games,
-Sora's, mickey's, and Riku's keyblades played a great role in the past,
-Sora, riku, and kiari are NOT the three in armor,
-The cross in the roads resembles the one riku passed through, just larger,
-The letter that sora, riku, and kairi get from mickey *MAY* hold some signifigance to the keyblade war,
-Xehanhort is found near death by ansem (injured from the war).

That is what we have compiled so far, if i have missed anything feel free to add it!

Also in the interview the director said that the game takes place in the past, but also could be in the future, this could lead to another keyblade war, or the most likely thing would be that you get to play as sora in the future and discover more about the war. As you discover more, you play it out as someone from the past. That would be pretty awesome!!

darthbandon  posted on Apr 27, 2006 8:34:29 PM - Report post

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If this game will take place in the present and past then you could still play as sora in the past and present, because we've already learned in KH2 that time travel is possible because sora went to the timeless river so, I think sora finds that the door in the cave on destiny Islans(or a different door somewhere else and) that leads to the past of the keyblade and to the keyblade war.
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