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KH 2 Secret Ending (Spoiler Alert!)
KeybladeWielder  posted on Apr 15, 2006 7:41:16 PM - Report post

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1.)Feraligator don't copy what i say.
2.) We should just wait for the game to come out instead of making up some kinda wierd frikken theories.
3.) There is no possible way to determine what will happen in Kingdom Hearts 3 through that 30 second video. If you ever saw the Kingdom Hearts 1 video you get at the end of the game for getting all trinities, beating hades cup , and getting all puppies, than you know that all the stuff in that viddeo was just one tiny part in the game. It didn't give away any story line. show any new characters except roxas, and only showed one part of a new world. So people stop trying to determine the entire storyline, because some guys picked up some keyblades out of the ground.
KeybladeWielder  posted on Apr 15, 2006 7:43:31 PM - Report post

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Oh, and if u wanna know the first time u actually see twilight town, and Roxas, without the cloak, beat Chain of memories completley, including ANOTHER SIDE, ANOTHER STORY mode. At the end of the game, after the credits, it shows a picture of Roxas sitting on top of the tower.
cougar2278  posted on Apr 16, 2006 8:15:58 AM - Report post

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you guys need to calm down. if we want to make up our own theories then let us it doesnt hurt any one in any way. let us think. who knows maybe someone has guess what a small portion of KH3 story will be? i doubt they will get the whole story but they can make out what the video says. so just cool of and let people post what they think. (oh and if they say something you said on like page 13, dont get ****ed cause they prolly didnt take the time to read all 20 pages.)
KingdomSouls  posted on Apr 16, 2006 1:56:56 PM - Report post

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well, all this talk about KH3 is TECHNICALLY not correct... i have read by the creaters themselves that it will not be Kingdom Hearts 3... it will go by a different name... it will be continuing in numerical order... so since this is true, we can only logically assume that this game will be set in the past.
KeybladeWielder  posted on Apr 16, 2006 2:39:56 PM - Report post

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KingdomSouls, it is impossible to know that it won't be called Kingdom Hearts 3. The storyline hasn't even been decided, and the only info that has been released, is the Kingdom Hearts 2 secret ending. I have seen an interview with Nomura that no info will be released about the game until 2006. And how could it be in the past, if you see Riku, Mickey, and Sora's keyblades in the secret ending?
KeybladeWielder  posted on Apr 16, 2006 2:42:05 PM - Report post

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nobody said anything on page 13
CloudX2K  posted on Apr 16, 2006 2:51:19 PM - Report post

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Sweet whats going on guys lol. this my first time to acualy say something on a forum.. that is what this right lol anyways.. yea i bought kh2 on thursday which was .....about 9 days ago.. and omg lol i loved the first game so i took off my pc and put my flat screen tv in its place just so i could use my 5.1 surround sound with it lol. so yea i play till 12 am before school on it and only goto bastion. but anyways..i acualy started the game in proud mode.. just because i knew that if i beat it in anything else i would wanna beat it again in proud. so i was like screw it and put pround and thats what u all should have done because if u have never played the game in any other toughness ( if thats a word lol ) u wouldnt know any diferent if u know what i mean

so i played through it as fast as i could just for the story lol i beat it on sunday which was... like little over 2 whole days later cause i couldnt play friday. thing is i was only lev 45 lmao.. dude that last boss is a pain in the ars when ur lev 45 in proud lol but he was fun .. luckly i didnt die the first time and i never did the arials world or w/e u know what water one.. so i didnt see special ending.

but i liked not seeing everything and being trough with it.. so next day.. lmao i told my mom i didnt feel like going to school and i was like HELLZ yea no school KH2 TIME!!! lol so i played all day and beat water world beat the first 4 tornements in colisium. wasnt to bad then i started leveing up as best as i could but it got boreing after about 4 hours lol i was still only 79. then i found that place on top of pridelands with all the little bee guys and it was fun killn them and i noticed that they gave not to bad exp and thats a whole lot of them to so i did that alot with thunder then noticed magnet way better lol.. then i remember that gullwing gave even more exp but i still didnt get the whole "in tight situation" thing... but wasnt to hard to figure out that u just have to be low life lol.. so yea i goto lev 99 easy that way was fun to..

then i started lookn for stuff for the ultimat weps.. i found like 5 of the orchalicums+... then i got despret.. so i got my pc back out and got on net and i found out about the whole bee thing is best way to level lmao and i acualy figured it out myself and one orchalicum was right next to the save point in world never was... right around the damn corner and i never noticed it lmao..and other i knew to get all ingrediants but i could NEVER find a freaken twilight gem anywhere.. lucky sombody else on the net had the same prob and people answerd him so i got some and made the wep.

i had already made donalds so then i made goofys. so everything was going smooth lol. then sombody said something about sephiroth ..and i was like omg hes on here again sweetness lol and they said where hes at so...i went to him and totaly. got PWNT lmao..but i tryed about.. 3-4 times more and got the hang of it and finally started woopn his butt. sucked tho cause i got him to his last spec of life..and u know how u have to do a cridical or magic or something to end it.. well i was stuck in berserk and outa mana from healing .. so wasnt going to well lol.. but lucky got him with a thunder spell. and got that fenrir. it dont look that cool but its nice.

so i beat all the cups but the hades. so i went to that same path way u goto sephy. and i kept going through there wasting everythign over and over and masterd all my stuff so i could do hades...hahahah.... yea.. i goto round 34 something and got pwnt by absolutly nothing i had full life and some how i freaken lost ... thats crapy.. so i didnt go back yet lol ben getting all the treasure chests and stuff

then i went on ahead and beat last boss again.. omg it was so much easyer that time lol. and that special movie.. wow its puzzling. but seems cool . i really hope theres gonna be a kh3 or something similar. goto be the 2nd best game iv ever played..i almost like it better than ff7

CloudX2K  posted on Apr 16, 2006 3:17:46 PM - Report post

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oh yea sorry about the rambling on lol got carryed away with story about playing like the coolest game sorry lol.

anyways to the topic about the ending.. hmm ur theories are good.. i donno wha to think. i would say more but iv only watched it once and i was being botherd by this damn crap bed i have.. the leg on it was falling over and the bed collapsed on me while i was watching it ( nice timming eh) lmao so i really didnt get to check out alot of small details. but damn reading everything yall said i dont even have to watch it lmao.but i will again anyways just cause it was interesting. then ill prob get back on and think of my own hopothesis.

oh yea just for no reson i choose the shield when i started the game proud im geussing it helped cause i had good def. but it could have only ben like 3 def and the whole better def was just in my head lol correct me if im wrong. but hey if its in ur head i geuss thats beter than not cause the whole kick ars sinsation of a good story is in ur head aint it? sides im glad it seemed to make the game easyer cause then i thought i made a good choice to choose the shield. lol sorry rambling again.

so yea for the hades cup i think im going to item find for a while so i can make a whole lot of str ups/def ups then im going to do it. then i geuss after i beat that and maybe get everything little things else.. i have a new idea by then im hoping there will be come gameshark codes out. cause i have a fun idea im going to start a new game on easy and choose sword and get the codes to have ultimate wep at very begging of game lmao for some reson i would love to play all over again just because i would have that. i geuss shows how good a game it is. on second thought i remember some guy on that same forum that i found out where twilight gem was, said that the ultimat wep looked smooshed up to him.. well after i got it.. i was like WTF thats AWESOME!! lol how could he say that

sooo...yea im just setting here wishing i had a kh3 on my ps2 lol. so i wonder what the letter from the king said.. lol i bet that is exactly what the creators want u to think.. wait ..yea duh lol and sombody way back said something about they dont even have a story line for next game yet.. ok acualy if u dont know.. every game they make .. if thre is going to be a sequal they ALWAYS start working on it around same time they put the first one out.

and its obvious because if they didnt have some kinda story already.. then .what..... did they just make up outa the blue the whole secret ending from nothing lol.. u cant exactly make a spoiler( what most people ben saying it was ), without already knowing some kinda story already.

well anyways waitn on sombody to reply.. laterz

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