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Help please..
t360f  posted on Mar 19, 2006 10:43:38 AM - Report post

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I'm stuck in the Archeologistic Dig or whatever its called and I doesn't find the two last Signs i need in that Circle thing. Im stuck! someone help please!
KrazyKevin  posted on Mar 21, 2006 4:44:06 AM - Report post

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hi i dunno how much of the dig place you gone through so ill just write what i know quite a lot tho beware! :P

Go through the open fence and head along the right side, a guard will open the door of the building ahead and see you. kill him then enter the building. Pick up the K2 Impactor that the guard drops and flip the switch on the wall to turn on the generators.

Leave the building and continue down the path, watch out for the guard that comes out of the yellow tent and kill him as well. Pick up the M-V9 he drops and go inside the building to the left of the yellow tent to read some information
off the computer terminal as well as pick up the Second Ancient Symbol Tracing paper off the printer. The door sometimes locks you in. :S

Exit the building and turn left to kill another guard coming towards you. Now turn left and enter the double doors to reach an x-ray machine. Activate the switch on the table and move the x-ray camera around with the Left Analog Stick. Head to the top left to see a symbol, Lara will then draw it on paper as the First Ancient Symbol Copy.

Head out of the room and go back towards the entrance to the archaelogical dig. When you are heading along the left wall, look to the right to see an opening (in the fence with a yellow ladder). Climb down the ladder and head around the
left side to take another ladder down. Wrap around the catwalk and walk past the ladder, drop down to the catwalks below. Shoot the guard that is on ground level and head around the catwalk to the right. Go past the ladder and hop the rail to have an idented climbable wall on the right and a ladder to the ground level on the left.

Climb up the wall to reach a ledge on the left. Now go under the land bridge and jump up to grab on to it and head to the opposite side. Now climb up the wooden platform and get on the land bridge, now go over to the catwalk and use the flip switch to lower the lift. Now go back down the small wooden platform to get on the ledge below. Perform a running jump over to the top of the lift and walk over to the spinning wheel.

You must now turn the wheel to match the symbols in the correct order. You will find the first and fourth symbols in the notebook, the second symbol is from the x-ray machine, and the third symbol is from the printer. You will have to
turn the wheel until a symbol appears in the correct position and then go around to the right side to pull the corresponding lever to lock that symbol in place.

The correct sequence is to turn the wheel three times then lock the first lever. Now turn the wheel once and lock the fourth lever. Turn the wheel twice and press the third lever. Now turn the wheel once and the device will unlock.
Perform a running jump off of the lift to get on the ledge, then climb up on the small wooden platform and get on the landbridge. Now go back over the catwalk to the left and jump in the newly opened hole.

meh! was playing it yesterday at that bit :} hope it helps because it took ****ING AGES to write :P

[Edited by KrazyKevin, 3/21/2006 4:44:39 AM]

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