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Gold/Silver Walkthrough
Shibby  posted on Mar 13, 2006 8:41:57 PM - Report post

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Great... you know that you can become an Author if you submit that and its all your own work?
TeRm14  posted on Mar 14, 2006 5:08:04 AM - Report post

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thnx y didnt i think of that... i submitted a long time ago but i submitted a rap on accident
flealovestay  posted on Aug 26, 2009 10:45:29 PM - Report post

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originally posted by TeRm14


This floor is um… interesting! It is made of ice, you have to skate from
trainer to trainer, there are five. Then you are ready to meet Pryce. He

L Dewgong
L Piloswine, and
L Dewgong

When you beat Pryce, he gives you the Glacier Badge, which raises Pokemon's
special stats, and lets you use WATERFALL outside battle. He also gives you
TM16 – Icy Wind.



Items: Full Heal, Max Ether, TM35, Amulet Coin, Rainbow Wing/Silver Wing,

After that, Professor Elm rings and tells you about the Rockets in the Radio
Tower in Goldenrod – so now it's off to sort them out! You get to thump lots
of Rockets, then when you get to the fifth floor it is a FAKE DIRECTOR! He's
really a Rocket Executive.

When you beat the Rocket Executive, he gives you a basement key, and tells
you the real Director is in the Underground Warehouse (in the Underground

Go down the stairs, open the basement door (you can now), go down more stairs
– and good ol' Rival is there! This guy never learns! Anyway, this time he

L30 Golbat
L30 Magnemite
L30 Haunter
L32 Sneasel (who is immune to psychic), and
L32 evolution of his starter Pokemon

Beat the first three Rockets. The third tells you to change the order of
switching so the shutters open. The switches are on the back wall, hit them
in the order 3,2,1. There are burglars in the maze.

You are aiming for the bottom right hand corner of the room. Go through the
doors there. You'll get to the Director. He gives you a card key to open
the shutter on the third floor of the Radio Tower. Go open it – and yes!
there are more Rockets. Beat them, and the Director comes and gives you the
Rainbow Wing if you have Gold, or the Silver Wing if you have Silver.

Come back a bit later, and some of the Radio Station people are pretty happy
to see you! Talk to them, a girl gives you TM11 – Sunny Day. Keep going up
and you will meet Mary, who gives you Pink Bow.

RT 44

Pokemon: Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Tangela, Lickitung, Remoraid, Magikarp,
Poliwag, Heracross (night, trees)

Items: Max Revive

If you SURF across the second pond on the way to the Ice Path, you will come
to a grassy patch.


Pokemon: Delibird (Silver), Jynx, Zubat, Golbat, Swinub

Item: Ultra Ball, Max Potion, HM07, Full Heal, NEVERMELTICE, PP-Up,
TM44, Iron

The Ice Cave – this is a fun little place, you skate around to find your way
out. The first big ice maze works like this: go in, then Up, Left, Up,
Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right,
Up, Right. Are you out now? Good! Keep going, you'll find another skating
place, but if you drop the boulders through the holes first using STRENGTH,
you'll have no problems. If you roll the boulders the wrong way, you can
always reset them by leaving that level then returning. TM44 – Rest is hard
to get to – until you realise that you can jump the ledge bordering the ice!
You just line up your launching point with a rock near the TM, and you'll be
able to slide across to it.


Pokemon: Rhydon

In the first house you come to, a girl wants to swap your female Dragonair
for her Rhydon.

There is a Move Deleter who will delete moves from your Pokemon. This can be
handy, if you have given a really good Pokemon an HM and now you want to get
rid of it so it can learn a better move as it gains more experience. The
only down side is that your Pokemon then only has three moves until it does
learn a new one.


You need STRENGTH, there are boulders to move. You roll one boulder into
each hole, then go down the second set of stairs. That way you can get to
L37 Dragonair
L37 Dragonair

"After that, Professor Elm rings and tells you about the Rockets in the Radio Tower in Goldenrod " this never happened, i'm not sure what to do next. i even called him myself and he says he'll call me if something comes up. i went to golden rod city and nothing's changed. please help me?

commandobrando  posted on Feb 27, 2010 2:04:33 PM - Report post

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I have beaten Red (Ash) and Nothing Happens it just goes through the credits and you end up back in front of your moms house
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