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Trouble at Carida
ryansee3  posted on Mar 03, 2006 12:40:47 AM - Report post

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Hey does anyone have hints as to how to navigate through the Carida battle? It's just Han and Chewie with LOTS of enemies. Is there a best way?


Darthsion64  posted on Mar 03, 2006 3:24:35 PM - Report post

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I have, it took me ten times, here's an ok way: First get to the tie maulers. then kill any stormt. near them next use Chewie and steal a tie mauler, go to the crate place (DON'T hit, kill, or fire at anyting) then go to the two lambda shuttles with Chewie, detonate to kill the troops that spawned there once chewie's there get han, there are four at-st's use the emp trick on them, next run to the two Lambda Shuttles.(use sprint) once they're both there you complete the mission. Oh yeah, save when you get to the crates and don't worry about the turbolaser turrets.

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NightShadow85  posted on Mar 05, 2006 1:05:46 AM - Report post

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My self, i use han's emp to disable the inf. turrets. And then stole the tie mauler and kill the stormtroopers. Then exit the vehicle and capture the at-at. That work nice to me. Han take out the stormtroopers and chewie with at-at take out any turrets or at-st. Take down the generator too so you dont need to worry any turbo lasers firing at you. If han or cheries at-at damages just repair them with buildpads. Workt me as a charm. Good luck.

[Edited by NightShadow85, 3/5/2006 1:07:09 AM]

Kyntan  posted on Mar 07, 2006 6:33:20 AM - Report post

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Here's something that I figured out after many tries. There are two build points where you can build either a Baca Tank for healing or the repair station for vehicles. On the first build point i usually build the baca tank. Then i can take massive damage on both characters and just run back and heal. After you steal the AT AT you can destroy the AT STs and cross over to destroy the power generator. The second build pad is there. Remember you have to stand near the build pads "larger than regular ones" to get them to turn your color.
clonetrooper092  posted on Mar 13, 2006 1:45:59 PM - Report post

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It took me maybe two or three trys to that but in detail heres what i did.... i killed the troopers by where ur then the barracks then the officer academy then took han took out the dissabled the turrets with emp burst then brought chewie over destroyed them built a bacta tank healed then took a tie mauler then killed all the troopers in range then i went and healed got another mauler cause i blew up the last one to kill troopers then killed the other troopers then i took the AT-AT and destroyed the chicken walkers(AT-ST)crushed the troopers then took out more troopers then got to the generator there are some troops kill them take out the generator build a bacta tank to heal han afterword then sell it create a repair station for the AT-AT and then its pretty easy after that heal han if u have to after u kill all the guys(and i mean all)that come after you trash the AT-AT use sprint and take han and chewie to the shuttle vowla.Its all good.
Modz  posted on Apr 19, 2006 9:45:43 PM - Report post

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i had a very easy way. i did only change there health to 800000
bobafettrules2  posted on Apr 04, 2007 1:23:36 AM - Report post

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i did this level by taking han to the turrets and disabling them while the stormtroopers are at the far right and get chewie with him get chewie in a mauler and han can hide behind the academy and chewie can run over the the troopers and go to the scouties (AT-STs) and selfdestruct when your enter vehicle recharges go left and sprint enter the AT-AT and go right to take out the generator and the turret and then crush the troops and bring out han and get out of the walker and build a bacta tank then when your enter vehicle recharges with chewie send him sprinting to a scout walker or mauler and head off to the storage boxes if you don't crush or shoot anything they'll think your the empire so keep it quiet go to the box but make shure han is by the healing station and 2/4 groups of stormies come out of the shuttle now get back to the station with chewie and crush the stormies then hop out of the vehicle and get to the shuttles and you win

[Edited by bobafettrules2, 4/4/2007 1:24:27 AM]

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