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MM9 Arena Bug??
  • Send a message to Bob
    Bob posted on Feb 05, 2004 5:49:16 PM - Report post
    When I try to enter the arena I get a strange problem:

    I enter the arena itself and talk to the guy behind the counter, tell him that I want to fight, and select my skill level, now the strange part: no matter what level I select, when the guy tells me to go in and I click on goodbye, nothing happens, the game just crashes. I have updated to V1.2 and it still happens, also tried a full re-install, please help.

    System is as follows:

    P4 - 2.4 ghz
    512 megs ram
    128 Meg GeForce 5200
    Win XP
  • Send a message to Guest
    Guest posted on Oct 27, 2004 3:51:07 AM - Report post
    instead of clicking on goodbye press escape on your keyboard. This workes for me as i have had the same problem.
  • Send a message to gameless
    gameless posted on Dec 17, 2004 6:58:50 AM - Report post
    is this game nice?
  • Premium Plus
    Send a message to Skaldond
    Skaldond posted on Dec 12, 2006 4:27:06 PM - Report post
    the entire game is a bug! gameless save yourself from the disapointment dont buy this game! its not even half as good as might and magic 6-8. the graphics are poor, its full of bugs, the story line got more holes in it then a swiss cheese, the mobs have super-xray vision and can aggro you half a map away. trust me i own this piece of i tried to give it a fair chance but i was SO disapointed with it that i bought ultima ix ascension...
    Since there are people who give me crap for my grammar and is to lazy to check my profile I will say it here as well. I am dyslexic so give me a break as I *TRY* to spell correctly.
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