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Diner Dash Cheats found and work for me
happynicebusymo  posted on Jan 05, 2006 7:50:59 AM - Report post

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It also helps if you leave the dishes for the "last" customers right to the end so you can clear say, 10 tables and earn on that chain for a grand boost to your points. - Submitted by shay

Always serve four tables at the time, always seat the business women and the college boys first, and always stand at the podium while the four tables eat. Get bonus for doing the same thing 2, 3 or 4 times, pick up four orders, serve four meals in a row, give everybody their bill in a row, and clean the tables at last, this will give a lot of bonus, after I started doing that i almost always get expert-scores...And: it is good to seat the same types four and four if it is possible! - Submitted by px

Ok people...here's how it works...the secret to the game is to only serve 3 or 4 tables at a time. But there is one more secret that no one ever talks about...the color coding. If you put a blue person in a blue spot, it becomes x2, and if you put another blue person there after, it becomes x3, and so on. THIS IS THE KEY PEOPLE!! It got me all the way to the fifth level...but after leve 5-8, you're basically screwed!!!!.. Any questions? Email me at anna69girl@hotmail.com - Submitted by princess

I HAVE THE ANSWER! Follow this rule and you cannot go wrong....ONLY SEAT 4 AT A TIME...Seat 4, go to the podium, take orders, go to the podium, serve food, go to podium - or give snacks at the higher levels, give checks to all 4, clear 4 tables - repeat. Try to seat business women and college kids fast once you get the hang of the pattern. Just stay with the pattern. I went from repeating a level up to 10 times to getting expert scores using this method. - Submitted by gnmrk

happynicebusymo  posted on Jan 05, 2006 7:56:08 AM - Report post

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If you stick with serving four tables at a time, using the podium and matching colors it may take more then one try but all levels can be beat.. I made it to the end in one day after using those hints.. Just remember to time the four tables...the younger people order and eat faster then the older people...serve the older ones last...serve the college guys and business women first...then the young girls... Good luck - Submitted by dinerdashdiva72

Hi, I have completed diner dash with a score of over 77,000 in the last level. The 2nd to last level is quite tough but the secret is to seat four at a time, business women with business men, girls with impatient boys, then the old men. After each diner has eaten only give them the check, wait untill ALL tables have finished eating, give out the remaining checks, then clear the tables all together. The points from this are huge. Happy dining! - Submitted by ickle_skittle

All of the advice above is true. Four tables are good. Just be reminded that the same routine works when Flo gets 4 hands (the last store). During the last 3 levels of the game don't forget to entertain the guests. Level 8 is kinda hard at first because everyone is moving so fast. What I did was drop off all 4 orders and entertain once the orders are in. I bet the game pretty fast and you will too once you get the routine going. It's a really fun game! Good luck everyone! - Submitted by Japan

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments. I finally finished it with an expert score. If I remember correctly level 8 of 1 and then 10 of each of them seems impossible almost but it's not. Never feel tempted to serve more than 4 tables at a time. (Always come back to the podium after you depose the orders and then while they eat. In the level where they eat fast just go to the podium after they order.) It does help if you hold the ones having only one heart while you're at the podium. Always leave the old guys and the hot shots last. Just seat the business women, normal ladies and college kids. If you can get it to take them from the end of the line while they're still happy you have enough time to do the podium twice - once after the orders and once after the food is served. As for the treats. Give them some if it's during ordering but never interrupt podium to go back and give them snacks even if it means losing a table. Hope it helps. Good luck everyone. - Submitted by JustMe

happynicebusymo  posted on Jan 05, 2006 7:57:07 AM - Report post

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Hello DD fans! I finally passed the whole game after many days of addiction! (And I still love it!) Here are the simple rules you follow:
1) As stated by other fans - seat 4 tables at a time and make full use of the podium - esp. when the others are eating!
2) Try and place everyone in their coloured seats. This earns you extra points and compensates for tables you may have previously lost
3) Always seat business women and cool guys in priority, college boys after and then the old men always last
4) When you get to the level with all black seats, seat only 4 at a time, cont. as normal. But DO NOT lose any customers in line as you lose 2000 points! (You can also cheat by grabbing/holding onto those with one heart standing in line until you finishing talking!)When you get to closing time seat AS MANY PEOPLE! As they all suddenly become VERY PATIENT! Once seated serve them at the tables with bread, drinks etc as many times. This bumps up your score massively!
5) The last stage is easy - just concentrate on seating them in their coloured seats!
I couldn\'t have done this without the DD fans\' help and hints - so I really do hope this helps you too!! Happy dashing guys and gals!! - Submitted by The Jameson Family

In the levels where you can serve 2 snacks and have 4 arms, it helps to carry one snack of each. This way you can atleast get rid of them while your running around. Don't carry them at the end of the shift when you are picking up dishes in large chains.

Level 2-10:
Serve the 6 Older Men last. If you get all through the restaurant (except the older men) take the money from the customer but don't clear the tables (except the table for 6 people, of course you have to clear them) the more tables you clear at once, the more bonus (up to 240 Points.) you'll get... Serve the group of 6 Business Woman before the Group of the 6 Girls. (the Girls are more patient). Give the Businesswomen always drinks (if you aren`t in a great hurry they get more 'hearts' and tip better...

Level 5-8:
You'll just have to serve those 6 seats tables and get the seat bonus. After that, just go to the podium. Repeat this and you'll pass this level, although it uses a lot of time to talk with them - Submitted by Bboy_Shen27

Level 5-8:
I finally made it past level 5-8. I had to seat them 4 at time. THEN WAIT ON THE PEOPLE AS SOON AS YOU SEAT THEM, BUT DO NOT PUT THE TICKETS ON THE WHEEL UNTIL YOU HAVE FOUR TICKETS IN HAND. Even the business women are fully happy when you click on them as soon as you seat them. When you accumulate four, since she has four arms, then, turn in the order. As the food is coming you can make the people in line happy. No one will ask for bread, but, you can give the most impatient sitter a drink right before the food is up.
Finally, don't clear all four tables at once, especially when you nearing the end of the shift, try to take up the reciepts first, and then clear the dishes. For example, while the new customers are either eating or waiting to eat, use this time to clear the dirty tables one or two at a time. First make it your goal to perfect the strategy that will allow you to serve all 40 tables, then work for point value. The next level, 5-9 is just as challenging! I won't tell why. Can't wait to get to the end and see what happens! - Submitted by sheba77

happynicebusymo  posted on Jan 05, 2006 7:58:30 AM - Report post

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Last levels:
On level 5-8, I realized that the key to going to the next level was to first perfect getting all of the customers served without losing any tables. Then perfect making the people as happy as possible. The money is in the bread and the business women. Let the old folks wait in line. However, if you do not have at least 15,000 points when you get the old folks, forget about it because even a restaurant filled with old men will only get you about five thousand points no matter how happy you make them. 20,000 is the goal.
On level 5-9, the goal is 20,000, however there is no seating bonus. All chairs are black and remain black.
Once again, leave the old folks for last, give alot of bread, and don't lose any tables, and make the clientele as happy as possible.
On level 5-10, the goal is 45,000. When you make it here, you will see. I don't want to spoil the fun or surprise. HAPPY DASHING! - Submitted by sheba77

Lots of points:
Always get the business people seated as quickly as possible and load them up with drinks and bread. Hold off on seating the old men. Keep going back to the podium. When the "closed" sign appears, just give out checks, only clear the tables necessary for seating the remaining customers. After the last diner is finished, collect all the dishes at once. This chain will add lots of points and makes the difference for finishing a level. - Submitted by Jet

I really liked this game and i got a cheat. When People have one heart in the waiting line go to the podium and click on them, but don't seat them, click and hold and wait until Flo finishes talking. After she does everyone's happines increases and even the people with one heart that you were clicking and holding. - Submitted by Kevman

Seating Customer in order:
1. Business Women
2. College Student
3. Young Lady
4. Mr.Hot Shot
5. Kinly Senior

Please select the first letter of the game's title below. If the word "The" appears at the start of a title, ignore it and search for the second word in the title:

This is the last of the hints that I found and helped me out to get stars on levels! Good Luck to all!

pr3ttyinpynk08  posted on May 29, 2006 2:21:09 PM - Report post

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theres a diner dash 2 that im downloading right now. i got it from myspace.com under games hopefully its good
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