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Azer  posted on Dec 21, 2005 9:51:21 AM - Report post

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Did anyone find this game rather easy????
without seeming bigheaded i found it extremly easy, and no it was not on easy mode.
I found it to be like MOH:RS there are just not enough levels to make it a good game for £35 you would think they would give you more then 13 levels and/or a multiplayer feature if that, but i have to say when comparing it with previous MOH games for the PS2 it has to be one of the most realistic War FPS I have ever played. At first when COD was released i thought it was just a copy of MOH, but i was totaly wrong and now i can see why COD was the "game of the year", i brought COD2:BR1 and then straight after, after seeing what a great game it was went out and brought COD2 for the PC, and it is a fantastic game so i would recommend buying it, the graphics are smooth and highly detailed, its also a very responsive game, gameplay wise, while comparing it to MOH:PA, COD2 just wipes the floor with it. Although the games require almost the same "M.S.R." i found that MOH:PA seems to be very slow whether it be realoding, running, shooting or hitting an opponent in the face to finish him off, its seems to do it in slow motion, even the cut scenes are slow when comparing the voice and lip movement, they seem to stop talking even though it appears they are still talking when COD2 its is very responsive melle attacks are quick realoading times are quick basically its everything MOH:PA is not.
well i guess that turned out from being a simple question to a small review, so anyway did anyone else find this game easy???? COD2:BR1 that is
Overkill96  posted on Dec 21, 2005 4:34:48 PM - Report post

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No, i think your wrong there, this game was the longest WW2 game i've ever played and i've played all of them....personally i like the MOH series is better but this game wasn't all that easy....if you raise the difficulty that is, that one mission where your sergeant dies was tuff, just getting up that hill and taking out the gerries wasn't easy at all, and going through the trenches in that one mission to take out that artillery in germany was pretty hard too, and d-day wasn't exactly a walk in the park figting through the german defensess, sometimes you don't even know where your getting shot at....i'll also admit the graphics wern't all that great, the gun doesn't have much detail and it doesn't bounch when your run, plus the environments were a bit stale....so it wasn't the best war game but it was okay, far better than that piece of sh!t they put out last year for xbox.....
Azer  posted on Dec 21, 2005 6:14:02 PM - Report post

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it was only 13 levels thats not long
COD2 is long 27 levels long
i used to like the MOH series but after playing COD i personally like the COD series better
i played COD:BR1 and then MOH:EA and MOH:EA is to non realistic, the ammo hovers in the air, guns do the same, you get revives, the A.I is frankly stupid, and whats with the "adrenaline" thing, ur bullets dont do double damage and you dont become invincible just because your not thinking straight
Overkill96  posted on Dec 21, 2005 8:48:18 PM - Report post

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Debatable, but the sheer amount of time you spend in the levels is what i look at....
unforgotten  posted on Dec 21, 2005 8:57:33 PM - Report post

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oh i like all the call of duties and the brothers in arms games i also used to like medal of honor until european assault came out
Overkill96  posted on Dec 21, 2005 9:10:08 PM - Report post

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Come on, it wasn't that bad....but Brothers in Arms i agree with you there....
Azer  posted on Dec 23, 2005 5:25:04 AM - Report post

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i agree with you unforgotten,
MOH:EA is a terrible game, from previous MOH titles they just made it too un realistic gameplay and graphics wise, unfortunately i have not played any of the BIA games but they look really good, all i hope now is that they bring out COD3 SOON!!!!!!!!!
kick-a  posted on Dec 30, 2005 12:21:57 PM - Report post

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cod:br1 is short but it is reallistic that and multiplayer is pretty cool you have to have internet for it
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