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Skorm's Longbow
  • Send a message to stfu
    stfu posted on Oct 05, 2004 8:23:02 AM - Report post
    originally posted by guest

    i brought 4 ppl i hired and like 3 huge groups of bands and it still didnt give it to me

    ****ing bul**** any high number will give you the bow it doesnt matter time the timng goes along with the sword you get at temple of skorm god dam!!!

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    Send a message to liquidsilk
    liquidsilk posted on Oct 06, 2004 12:49:30 PM - Report post
    it depends on how important the ppl you scrifice is acctualy.... if you sacrifice traders, there not worth ****...
  • Send a message to Drew
    Drew posted on Oct 06, 2004 8:29:12 PM - Report post
    ok no one listen to stfu cause he is a dumb ass that doenst know what he is talkint about. but liquid is right its all about how important the people are, like a wife is very important (and yes she will follow you out of a town just not through teleportation you have to walk her there. and i think it does matter with the two temples. read the clock for the temple of skorm but night and by day for the temple of avo. if you make your sacrifice/donation durning the time that corisponds with your alingment i heard it increases the signifigince of your sacrifice/donation. so if you are pure evil make your sacrifice/donation at the very begining of the night if your half and half make it at midnight, and if your an angle make it at the end of the night. same thing goes for the temple of avo just apply it to day time, not night time. thats what i found out that worked for me, the only people who know for 100% sure how it works is the people at lionhead studios, and not stfu cause he is a dumb ass, and stfu your a tard.
  • Send a message to Spike3000_ch
    Spike3000_ch posted on Oct 07, 2004 9:19:43 AM - Report post
    I am going to make this very simple for all of you. You only need to sacrifice one single person and it has to be at the point where light and dark are split on the little timer.(more or less 6 o'clock). I have restarted the game multiple times and each time it worked on the first try. Good luck to all others who are having problems with this.
  • Send a message to Kaladar
    Kaladar posted on Oct 07, 2004 5:36:00 PM - Report post
    fyi...i was told that sacing 6 people at 6:00 gets ya the bow...not sure how reliable that info is tho
  • Send a message to Gi-joe01z
    Gi-joe01z posted on Oct 11, 2004 11:21:30 PM - Report post
    i got my bow in the mid day exactly and all i used was the mercenary in oakvale it worked for me as a good character so ya know www.Gijoe01z@aol.com
  • Send a message to Marcus
    Marcus posted on Oct 19, 2004 4:13:35 PM - Report post
    lol ur all dumb u can get the skorms bow with no failure at all on the 3rd quest the escort trader one just escourt there A** to skorms temple and sac one of them keep the other alive first try any time give u it i tried many times with no failure what a disapointment u know? damn so sad i never couldnt get skorms bow what a disappointment i think i will cry

    U can deffnantly tell u'll get it b/c if u kill one that alone gives u +100 bad points lol so y not get it extremely early in game? hmm b/c im stupid and dont need the best bow? hmmm guess so
  • Send a message to Guest
    Guest posted on Oct 19, 2004 4:51:28 PM - Report post
    you have to be good. its the only way to get enuff people to follow you. i sacrificed the entired town of oakvale. kinda funny actually
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