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Discuss It's Simple
Hotstreak  posted on Nov 25, 2005 12:36:54 PM - Report post

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Discuss it's simple. For everyone who has a Groudon and Kyogre teach Groudon Solarbeam because you don't have to wait for solar energy with Drought and give Kyogre Thunder because it's powered up with Drizzle.

My Sapphire Kyogre: Ice Beam-Sheer Cold-Surf-Water Spout
My Ruby Groudon: Solar Beam-Fissure-Fire Blast-Hyper Beam
My Emerald Kyogre: Thunder-Sheer Cold-Water Spout-Ice Beam
My Emerald Groudon: Same as my Ruby.
My Blaziken: Sky Uppercut-Mirror-Fire Blast-Blaze Kick
My Prized Articuno Caught with Master ball-Held Item Soothe Bell-Fly-Ice Beam-****RETURN****-Hail
****I know what your all thinkin' I should have used a Luxury Ball ( a ball that makes Pokemon love you faster real hard to get though) well that's easier said than done!

If you want a Blaziken with Fly: Put Everstone on a Torchic until you get Fly then give Torchic Fly then put away Everstone and and Evolve Torchic. NOTE this will not work if Torchic is level 100.

If you want a Swampert with Hydro Pump give a Mudkip an Everstone and train it to level 51 put away Everstone and Evolve Mudkip.

Your One Hit KOs ( Sheer Cold-Horn Drill-Fissure-Guillotine) don't miss if you Use Mind Reader ( a move that makes your next attack hit)first.

My Pokemon are average-leveled because I always spend my time on my FireRed PokeDex I only level them up if it includes evolving/catching a Pokemon. FireRed is my control center it holds one of every Pokemon I ever caught that's why I don't play my Emerald alot I had a lot of freetime on my hands since I caught the legendaries and beat the game in 4 days so I went to the Grand Opening of Nintendo World ( used to be the Pokemon Center)New York City May 14 and got the Mistic Ticket downloaded to my FireRed and Emerald ( yeah I beat that game too in 6 days though.....sigh) oh and also my two best friends games.


Charizard 100 Umbreon 78
Articuno 84 Flygon 67
Mewtwo 71 Feraligatr 65
Dragonite 55 Typhlosion 53
Omaster 58 Meganium 37
Persian 47 ** ** this Pokemon is a Pokemon I either need to train to evolve or use it's ability( eggs mostly)

pokemaster76  posted on Oct 27, 2006 5:50:19 PM - Report post

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why did you put this strange stuff in the board if it has no reason to do something good to the game.
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