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innocent devil
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    Sam_Fisher posted on Nov 19, 2005 11:55:23 AM - Report post
    on the sixth floor of draculas castle there is a spot were you can use magic circle to go under a wall. Behind the wall is a innocent devil room. but i cant get the innocent devil. can some one help me please? 🤔
    ppl that send cheats that dont work will be smacked, survivors will be smacked again
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    Berserker posted on Nov 25, 2005 10:44:31 PM - Report post
    You have to have the pumpkin mace in order to wake him. Find the items that I have listed below, and you can make it.

    Pumpkin Mace

    Pumpkin Head - Iron Mask (Face Guard [Stone Mask [Jade + Sun Tears] + Gano] + 1 Red Steel) + Miracle Egg (found from Evil Cores)


    Piko Piko Hammer - Mace (Gano + Steel) + Miracle Egg (found from Evil Cores)

    For Jade's you must defeat Assasin Zombies in Aiolon Ruins until they drop one. For Sun Tears, steal from Efreets in Aiolon Ruins or the Forest. Evil Cores are in Garibaldi Temple B1 right before Legion.

    After making the pumpkin mace, go back to the room and strike him with it to wake him up.

    You might want to visit the below thread on IGN where I have posted some of the most frequently asked questions that I get...


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