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classic mode
flip_skater12  posted on Oct 25, 2005 5:41:26 PM - Report post

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okay i gave beat every thing with my friend in co-op exxcept for the last level i forgot what it was in classic mode but can eny one post under this one:the walkthrough for the last level in classic plz thank you.
Sk8erDude  posted on Oct 30, 2005 7:47:48 PM - Report post

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Goals: 10
Gaps: 34
Stats: 5


High Score - 250 000 points
Pro Score - 475 000 points
Sick Score - 675 000 points
High Combo - 175 000 points


1. Do a (-> + Square) flip over the lil' 4. The lil' 4 is a little stairset
leading into the area to the right of where you start. just do the trick while
in the air over it. you don't have to be going fast as it's not a hard jump.
2. Frontflip (O + Up + Up) over the Table. Just do an air over the table
that is leaning against the side of the pool and do a frontflip while you're in
the air.
3. Get the secret tape. To get to the secret area and secret tape, go to the
trees on the far side of the level from where you start. Skate through one of
them to break it down. The tree will fall, opening a tunnel to the secret area.
The secret tape is just on the other side.
4. Lip Trick (Triangle) the 3 Extensions. The first one is on the edge of
the pool if you skate left from where you start and is shown first in the goal
video. The second is around the corner and is a trashbin perched over the edge
of the pool. The third one is a little tricky to find but is in the main pool
area. If you skate a little left from where you start, the closest thing will
be a a little wall with quarterpipes on two sides. The wall has two levels. At
the end, at the higher level, liptrick the tip to get the extension.


S. On the top of the big sign behind you when you start. Use the funbox to
launch into a wallgrind and then wallie up to a grind on the roof to get it.
K. On the crossbar above the cloverleaf pool at the far end of the park.
You can get it in the air but if you're having problems, just wallrun up the
pole and jump up to get it.
A. In the air above the thin divider between two arms of the main pool area
T. On the crossbar straight ahead of where you start. Air from the pool
area to reach it.
E. On a crossbar above the are to the right of where you start. Launch off
the inclined surface to get it.


Grind the rail with the C. Jump into a manual and jump onto the rail with the
O. At the end of this, avoid the picnic table and manual your way to the rail
with the M. From here, jump left to a grind on the ledge of the planter and
then again down onto the edge of the stairset. Jump onto the rail with the B
and continue along that rail. At the end, jump off onto a manual on the top of
the funbox and then jump again really quickly into another manual toward the
last O. Jump up there to get it and complete the goal.

Stat Points

1. Aabove the funbox
2. On a lip in the main pool/halfpipe area
3. Above a trash bin
4. On the edge of the trees
5. In the secret area

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