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Some EZ cheats
Darque  posted on Oct 17, 2005 1:03:54 PM - Report post

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1. Easy way to get a legendary weapon right after graduating from Hero's guild: Just walk outside the guild doors and start killing people/guards. Easy way to kill the guards is to target them with your bow or lightning. Walk back inside the guild to respawn people. When you become Evil enough, the door in Greatwood that holds the axe (forgot name), will just open for you because you are so evil!

2. Quick money/experience: When you get to the Arena, save the game right before you enter. Then go inside and compete up the part where you face the rock trolls (match before scorpion king). After you defeat them, choose the "go back to cells" option and Hero save over the game you saved before entering. Then load your game and repeat. You'll gain about 18k gold and a TON of experience and fame every time, and it's relatively quick. If you used the "infinite silver key" cheat, you'll already have murren's greathammer, and it will help you here.

3. Getting Skorn's bow: When you're playing a really evil character, the "sacrificing your bandit follower at midnight" trick doesn't work. I guess they expect that kind of thing from you or something. What I did was to go to Avo's Temple, use the "infinite money" trick to donate huge amounts of money (every time you donate you get good pts even if you didn't "really donate". Once you've got the halo and are completely good, try it then (you might also get the legendary weapon here). You should get the bow the first try (and 920+ evil points). Turning back to evil is easy, just go massacre Barrow fields and Oakvale and you'll get your horns back in no time!

Easy way to fight in the Arena: Use your bow, and stand directly behind the arena's wirling deathblade thingy. As enemies approach you, a lot of them will get knocked back down by the blades. I recommend using the "force push" spell on the ones that make it past. When you fight balvarines or undead, use a bow with silver in it (Akron's xbow is the best, and easy to get if you used the "infinite silver key" trick).

maximus666  posted on Oct 22, 2005 3:55:43 AM - Report post

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Well thease are all good cheats and thank you, but you said you have unlimited money and keys. So I would like to know thease instead because I beat the game so there isn't much to do. But I'm going to rebeat it with the cheats just to see what its like. If you help me out thanks.
Death_Blader  posted on Oct 25, 2005 4:39:03 PM - Report post

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the infininte money is not a cheat its a glitch and u dont get money u just give money without losing it
Here's how u do it:

1:get lots of money(optional)

2:go to temple of Avo

3:select fountain thing

4:Put all ur money up for donation(DON'T DONATE YET!!!)

5:Press A and RIGHT AFTER Rapidly Tap A no matter what

6:u get all the good pnts.(if u donated enough u might get sentenius and age down)and still keep ur money!

7:reapeat if necesarry

MorganChaos  posted on Nov 24, 2005 4:36:40 PM - Report post

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oh, i get it. you're fishing it back right?
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