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What's the best way to end the game??
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    TweetyBird posted on Sep 30, 2005 10:12:24 PM - Report post
    Um...Which way is the best way to end the game? Just a tip here, DO NOT hit your dog with your hoe. I did accidentaly, and It wouldn't get another heart for 2 seasons!!!
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    FinalFantasy487 posted on Dec 04, 2005 6:01:04 PM - Report post
    well,if you want my opinion,listen to this. as you know, there are 9 endings (i think). i believe the best way to beat the game is by seeing the bluebird or winning the cake contest. here is how you do them.

    Bluebird - 1. be friends with the guy at the toolshop. (he loves egg dishes. exp - sunny side up or a boiled egg but not a normal egg) give him an egg dish (mabe some other gifts) once a day & you'll get a reward.
    2. one day, on a Sat. or Wed. go to the lake and mabe he'll give you a flute. you will need it.
    3. keep giving him gifts & one day, (on a Sat. or Wed.) go to the lake and he'll ask you to play the flute with him. the Bluebird will appear and the town is saved.

    Cake Contest - 1. you know Katie at the buffet near the lake right? make friends with here and go to the buffet one day.
    2. she will tell you about a cake contest that she wants to enter. (you'll need your grandma's cake recipe to complete it. it is on the shelf next to your bed.)
    3. when you get the recipe, go to the buffet and she'll read it. you'll need, Golden Milk, (Cow) Golden Egg, (Chicken) and sumthin else. (i forgot what it was called but just give her the G.Milk & the G.Egg & she'll tell you how to get the next item. oh!!! now i know!!! after she tells you the recipe. go to the villa and Dia will give you a book. take it to the buffet & Katie will read it.

    Golden Milk - Love and care for you Cow for a long time and it'll give you one, one day.

    Golden Egg - Same as the above but with a Chicken.

    4. bring the G.Milk & G.Egg to the buffet and... oh I think you can do the rest.

    Hope I helped!!!
    i dont use the user name anymore. if you need help with a game or you need to contact me. PM me at XAlchemist77.
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    mamoooooooooooo posted on Jun 25, 2009 10:28:27 PM - Report post
    the best way isthe horse race
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