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One and Only
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    Masterpiece posted on Aug 25, 2005 11:36:03 AM - Report post
    The one and only is here.....which is me... the masterpiece! I know everything about D2 so please ask questions about the game and I will answer you. I been playing D2 for about almost 5 years and am about to retire! So now I just help people and tell them how to beat the game! This topic is for people that are having troblems and need help in the game! Or if you have other questions to ask ....just ask here! And I promise I will answer you! Please dont come here to argue. This room is for people to learn and ask questions about D2! Just ask me ...the one and only ....Masterpiece!
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    Masterpiece posted on Aug 25, 2005 11:47:07 AM - Report post
    also one more thing...if you about to post somthing thats has nothing to do with D2 then please leave! I am going to say it again...please dont come here if you have no questions about D2! Also if you have somthing else you want to talk about privatly you can PM me or e-mail me at Masterpiecce@yahoo.com! I want to get one thing stright...These are the 4 words...You ask, I answer!

    Thanks Alot!
    By the one and only
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    Masterpiece posted on Aug 26, 2005 12:05:46 PM - Report post
    Well since know one is posting ill get right to it....
    beating the bosses! i think most people have problems with beating bosses and thats what problem i used to have! So here it is...

    Andarial:Well when you get to the catacombs lvl 4. Make your way to the next 2 rooms! beat all the monsters so you dont have to beat andarial with the monster! Beat all the monsters on those 2 rooms. Then go to the 3rd room NOTE: Andarial is in the 3rd room. So once you get in come out right away so andarial comes out alone!! Now make sure you have many antidot potions and have many portals. Also use a bow and arrow so that you wont get hit by her poison attacks that much! When you kill her you will go to the next act.

    Durial: I hate this boss and i know some of you guys do too. Well make sure before you get into durials room that you open a portal and hire somone everytime you die. Also use bow and arrows. So while the person you hire does the attacking you do the shooting! Keep doing this untill durial is died. But dont forget once you fight durial you cant get out untill you kill him! Butif you die MAKE SURE YOU have a portal to go back and battle again. Keep hiing and get lots of potions and stamina potions so that you dont need to run alot! Also after you beat him you go to Act 3!

    Mephisto: Well this boss is kinda hard and has very powerful spell attacks he uses lots of lighting attcks! well lets just say mephisto is one of diablo's brothers. When you get to duranse of hate lvl 3 kill all his minions and gholes so that you can face mehpsito alone! Also caryy with you lot of portals and potions! You can use a bow and arrow if you want its just it will do less damage! Open a portal right next to the entranse of duranse of hate lvl 3....do this so that gholes dont attack you when you get in the portal. Run and dodge mehpisto's spells and attcks him right after and hire somone to attack him while you do the attack! The best chacers to finish him off easy is a amazon and a necromancer...a necromancer would be best becuase you dont need to spend money on hireing somone...he can sommon golems and skeletons and magi's! well good luck! After you beat him get the mephisto's soulstone and then you go to act 4!

    Diablo: Well lets just say this is probably the most difficult part for some people, and YES you do have to kill diablo again! But i tell you its worth it. When you get to the sanctuary make sure you kill all the monsters there ...AND DONT OPEN THE SEALS YET! only open the sea;s when you have killed all the other monsters! Once you have open 1 seal you will have to face hard minions! so get ready for those. Once you open all 5 seals and kill all the monsters! diablo will come so get ready to open a portal and make sure you have plenty. Also use bow and arrrows becuase diablo fire spells are very powerful and he has this fire blast that he uses with his hand and it will kill you instantly so be carful. Use your potions alot! And hire somone like always. Diablo will be tough but i promise he is easy to kill! After he did his fire blst its time for you to o the shooting! Bow and arrowns are the best for killing diablo! so good luck. After you killed him you have 90 secounds till the game is over... but not for long go to act 5! but better hurry though!! when you talked to tyreal he will tell you to go to act 5! to harrogath. Well when you get there its revenge! You have to kill diablos brother...baal!

    Well I will tell you how to beat baal later!
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    Halo_Dude posted on Mar 27, 2007 5:42:10 PM - Report post
    Do u know where 2 get hacks? 🤔
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    Send a message to GodShin
    GodShin posted on Apr 22, 2007 6:09:16 PM - Report post
    Hacks can be found through close battle.net, you'll find a bunch of players with hacks, but you'll have to do something inorder to get them, like beg them or try trading them.

    OR, you can download Hero Editor which can give you anything you want. I've downloaded it before and I had lots of stuff, it's easy to use. Search through google to find where you can download it. Best site is diablosector.

    -The greatest cheat creator and code creator in the world
    -Created over 50,000 cheat codes for Action Replay and other devices
    -GSHI has better codes then CodeJunkies

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    Send a message to fpom
    fpom posted on Aug 05, 2008 3:38:20 PM - Report post
    i have a question, though i posted another thread about it.

    what level would you be comfortable going into travincial at with an amazon?
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    Send a message to EvilSpenZer
    EvilSpenZer posted on Aug 06, 2008 12:43:32 AM - Report post
    ehmmm hack and making... i prefer to make an item.. but after a while i prefer not to play with cheats anymore in the game ... more fun and more challening.

    And yes i have made a couple of über items... even made one that can kill Baal on hell in one hit .. :/
    "True evil never dies..."

    "That was pretty ****ing ninja"- Generation Kill

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    Send a message to wholikessimpson
    wholikessimpson posted on Dec 23, 2008 10:57:28 PM - Report post
    How do u make an item!Im stuck cause i got editor with item importer but i have no items! Can u please tell me.
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