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krenn is annoying me
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    themastergamer posted on Aug 16, 2005 7:12:44 PM - Report post
    this is gay im versing krenn and i only have 1 health and 100 sp i have no health potions or sp potions or anything like that... anyway i need to beat him can someone tell me a cheat or a way to beat him besides running around in circles cause i dye wen i do that.
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    FrEaKgAmEr posted on Feb 28, 2006 11:01:17 PM - Report post
    yeap Kreen personal secuity 2000 is a pain in da but i have a way 2 do it!

    1. wait till da red orb (his eye) is facin ya ( make sure he not gunna fire da beam.
    2. if u have elcos nano sheild use it and if u have have his plasmatic cannon line it up wif da eye. do this as much as ya can.
    if u cant hit him look wat weopon u have.
    mine was a slow reload high owered life sucker. it had 105 damage and took 25% of all attacks and added it to my life.
    mayb u need to start again and think of a good weapon schem, potions and some good augmentations.

    Hope this helps from FrEaKgAmEr (beast)

    P.S. how long it take u 2 get 2 kreen?
    Mir Vanjska strana!
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    Danju posted on Jun 01, 2007 3:21:56 PM - Report post
    How did you get to him with 1 HP?
    I am one of the ELITE players who have the X-BOX 360 ELITE
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