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-Leon-  posted on Aug 10, 2005 5:30:45 PM - Report post

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ok now...

Level 8
Old Quarry

After the scene at the start of the level, turn around, and get the two stakes.
Kill the two vamps that come at you. After you kill, the third vamp go into the
handy house and get the medi-pack. Several sets of vampires will come at you,
some demons also. You cannot proceed until you see a vamp with a red shirt and
a tie. After he is dusted, go toward the back of the truck, get the stake and
then jump into the caved in tunnel to the left of you. Get the medi-kit behind
here and then jump back over the rocks. Now go to the cabin and go in it. There
may be a vamp in here, so kill it. Now pull the shelf against the wall to the
left of out of the way. Now hit the wall and a path will be revealed. Go down a
little and a vamp will be running at you. Kill it and continue running down the
path. When you get to the end, kill the demon that is there. Kill the vamps
that will come around as well. Now go forward little and you will see a vamp
jump down, instead of going at it turn around and kill the demon getting ready
to jump you. Now you can go after the vamp. Get to the end of the area where he
was standing and take out all of the enemies here. Now go over to a lever on
the stack of barrels. Push both of the barrels under the elevator. Now go
backward from where you came until you come across a door on the right side of
the wall. Go in and kill the two vamps. Get the hellfire off the ground and
refill your stakes if you want to. In one of the boxes on the ground, there is
dynamite. After you get the dynamite leave the room and go as far right as you
can. Get the shovel and then press the Use button on the weak wall. After the
beautiful cut-scene, kill the enemy in front of you. Now go into the door on
the left. Kill the two vamps and watch out, one of them will probably pick up
the shovel. Once they are both dead, Take the dynamite out of the box, and get
out of the room. Kill the enemies if you want and then go into the next room.
Kill the demons that come at you as you run down the stairs. Now where you
reach the bottom and only the bottom go into the door. Kill the vamps and get
the stakes before you press Y on the pole in the centre of the room.

That's not all

Hollydolly  posted on Aug 10, 2005 5:31:54 PM - Report post

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please tell me the rest
-Leon-  posted on Aug 10, 2005 5:31:59 PM - Report post

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After this cut-scene go into the first door you come across. An easier way to
kill the three vamp that are there is to throw them into the water, but it is
not as safe. Any way after they are dead go through the door that the 3rd vamp
came from. Kill the enemies that come at you and go through the door in ahead
of you. Now kill the two vamps that jump up and go down the stairs. Now run
over to the machine, and press it. After the cut-scene get the torch off the
wall and put it in the coal. Now run up the stairs to what looks like tracks.
Now run on the tracks and take the right. Kill any zombies that rise up. When
you get into room at the end of the tracks, kill the two vamps up the high
stairs, go to the top, and get the medi-pac to the left of the tracks. Now jump
down and pull the lever, this will move the cart of gold to the end of the
tracks where you started. Now go after it. When it stops turn the handle on it.
Now wait about 10 seconds and go over to the rolling things under the tracks.
Get the crest and then go back into the cave. Many vamps will be coming around
so kill em. After you are back in the cave, take the first left and use the
crest on the door. Kill the two demons that come at you. Now go up the stairs
and take the right. Kill the two vamps that drop down them climb the ladder.
Get the supplies and leave this room. Kill the vamps here and get the medi-pack
under the stairs. Go up those stairs and the second flight and through the door
in front of you. Kill the vamps as fast as you can and try to save the hostage.
If you do get the holy water from her and the lighter off the desk no matter
what the outcome is. Now go back down the stairs and the vamps will be back.
Kill them again. Now go into the room to the left of the end of the stairs.
Kill the vamps in this room and get the items off the windowsills. Now light
the fireplace. Go back up to the room where the hostage was/is. Get the items
off these windowsills. Now press the smoke on the fireplace, this will open a
hidden passage. Run there the hidden passage killing all the vampires on the
way. Once you get to the room part of the Hidden Passage, get the things off
the windowsills and get the wrench off the floor. Use it on the bolt in the
centre of the floor. Now go back down to the first floor and into the second
door on the left. Kill the vamps if you please and jump down the hole. Get the
medi-kits as you get ready to fight the level boss. To beat the boss of the
Quarry you first have to destroy the orbs. You can only weaken the orbs when
the blue inside dims, then attack. After all three are gone, you will be very
mad from him throwing the fire that you will just kick his ass. You have to
stake him or throw him onto one of the many pieces of broken wood around the
area. After the death, you will have beat the level.

Hands are so tired...I can't breathe i need mouth to mouth...Somone give me mouth to mouth...

-Leon-  posted on Aug 10, 2005 5:33:25 PM - Report post

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(falls out of chair)...I'm ok...need mouth to mouth...

[Edited by -Leon-, 8/10/2005 5:34:03 PM]

Hollydolly  posted on Aug 10, 2005 5:34:09 PM - Report post

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[Edited by Hollydolly, 8/10/2005 5:44:26 PM]

-Leon-  posted on Aug 10, 2005 5:34:49 PM - Report post

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Wait i need mouth to mouth!!!...
-Leon-  posted on Aug 10, 2005 5:35:35 PM - Report post

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Atleast give me mouth to mouth because i cant breathe...should i put in level 9 to???
-Leon-  posted on Aug 10, 2005 5:38:59 PM - Report post

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oh come on...
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