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im stuck
nero123  posted on Aug 10, 2005 3:38:42 AM - Report post

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can some one help me im stuck on the fourth level the bit where you have to get the nd133
Nawat  posted on Apr 10, 2007 3:08:32 AM - Report post

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What level? the one after you kill dahlia tal the chick in the muslim clothes? if so then ride the elvator down. ready your sc20k and move into a corner. at the bottom it provides a bit of cover. your not supposed to be stealthee in the level. when you reach bottom kill the first guy. then a second apears kill him. stay there. its easier. a third guy rushes to you. my advice. reaload. then when he appears pump him full of lead. reload and go out of the elevator. go left. theres no need to hide bodies. follow wooden path go right and then left down stairs. when at bottom of stairs rush to the right and drop down under metal grating dash back to the centre. new trick, stay in the light. and near the centre. under the metal grating. walk around until the gurads coming spot you and shoot at you. dont worry. you cant get hit. the metal stops all bullets including yours. every now and then duck out from under the grating and take aim with pistol so you daont waste unneccessary bullets. shoot them in the head. to make sure you get the shot every time, when the pistol is out press up on the d-pad to get the laser sighting for easier targeting. hopefully all the other guards will come or you'll have to be your own decoy for them to show up. repeat process then when all guards are dead get up and out from under the grating. head through the archway and go left. theres a room with a health pak if need be and theres ammo and grenades and all other sorts of nasties lyin on the table. leave out the second door near the health pack and go right ( its the only way) then left. crouch and sneak then first right go through it. then you'll see a ig efing bright room go in and a guard should say "i think i see somethin" or somethin like that go to the left of the bench in the middle of the room it provides cover. pull out sc20k and equip thermal two to three guards should appear. one or two going through the door. mow them down. the third or second depending on the amount of guards will shoot at you through the glass. scope in over the bench and kill him. the go around the other side of the bench and grab ndi33. lambert and grim sequence. checkpoint. now back track to the hall and go right. at the end there will be a light. no need to shoot it out the gurads back is to you. dont try grabbing him cause then your seen by the guard at the end of the hall. shoot him in the head and move a bit to scope in on the guy at the end of the hall. wait. a third guard comes and stands outside the elevator you need to go up. shoot this guards when he has stopped and turned around. a head shoth is easier then you can scope in and finish the last guard. now i hope you saved your flash bang grenade. if you want you can go back to the ammo room for health and ammo but thats not neccessary. take the elvator up. and when at top rush behind barrels to the right. ready some sticky shockers. a police man has come. get up and fire the sticky shockers fast and duck down again. the cop is already in a dark spot. now wait a minute or two. if its any better on your gut feeling theres scafolding nearby you can hide the body under. then if you have any sticky shokers have them ready if not ring airofoil round. scope on a green door nearby fire one shot unscope and wait a cop should check the sound when he stops in the dark ring airofoil the bastard or stickyshock him then move the body or the second cop victim will notice him repeat now theres only one left if you want you can try a flash bang or you can ring airofoil him or stickyshock him where he is as there arent any other cops if its ring airofoil then make sure you can get to him fast or else he'll recover and radio a warning. no need to hide his body as this is the last bit head to the back of the area past the bin fire go left towards a dark alley with a wooden fence lambert talks sam replays. you cant move same mission complete. i hope thats the level you were talking about.

Your friendly neighborhood gamer... Nawat

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