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Make your own char.!!!
Black_Gogeta  posted on Oct 06, 2006 1:35:38 PM - Report post

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The point in this topic was to see what sort of characters people could come up with. In which case it was very successful.

You have 27 pages that will disagree with you.

Angus_Young_Jr  posted on Oct 08, 2006 10:54:45 AM - Report post

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Yeah, you can't argue with that I guess. I never looked at it that way. Yeah, it does let you see how much imagination people have.
wwechamp22  posted on Sep 29, 2007 6:29:42 PM - Report post

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my guy's name is xilrum (x...ill...rum)
race: siabemen
from: yarddrat (yard...drat)
stages:ultimate sayian...ultimate xilrum...potential...great ape xilrum
fusions:fuses with pan to make xilpa
techniques:ball of firey doom...moon light...
fury death ball...(ultimate)atomic explosion
death: gets stomped on buy kid goku's great ape form
Captin_Crunch  posted on Sep 29, 2007 6:31:58 PM - Report post

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ultimate black golden super monkey super sayain 100 trunks is mine
breathoflight  posted on Mar 07, 2008 5:32:22 AM - Report post

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a long time ago when the universe was still young theree lived 4 mighty lssj they possed incredible power each had a name broly , bone , crack ,and omega shenron omega shenron was a lssj they were born from chaos and they all fought each other each one wanted to be stronger then the other and thw winner will be crowned the creator of the universewhile they were all fighting the kais appered and banished them into large comet, Comet Kimori which gave it tremondus strengh while omega shenron was used to grant wishes and then the kaios safe guarded the universe . until one lssj was reborn brolly and upon his death comet kimori gow more weak and then in hell broly returned because hell couldnt wistand him and then he absorbed he lssj and went to earth in normal form the z fighters went but goku said leave it to him he fought broly in normal form and he was fighting boldly and it was a draw but broly became a super sayin and goku transformed with him but wasnt enough vegeta transformed and helped him and once again it was a tie but broly became bored and after 1 sec lightning began to fall on him as he became a lssj both goku and vegeta became super sayin 4 and attacked him and it was an incredible batel but broly beated them . and they fused forming goggeta ssj2 and they batteled and they teleported to the moon to fight and the rest fallowed them they battled and they both rushed at each onther and punched and 2 punches stuck together goggeta is seen flying away . and then he forms a kamehamha witch sends brolu flying . and then broly beginsto realse energy tremoundess amounts and destroied the moon in the release they went to another abandend planet and found broly his hair like ssj2 hair and his body the same and then he began fighting goggeta beating him to a pulp and hen he transforms to ssj4 and uses his bigbang kamehameha but broly stood after the attack smiling and started beating them but gotenks interferred and got beaten into the deeps of planet and he started laughing and with a ki blast burnt the hole goggeta the z fighters used the dragon balls to ressruect him and then they used to potara to fuse together goggeta and gotenks forming goggentks ssj 4 and they started fighting and then he used his ultimat power trapping broly in a lighting ball and 100 ghosts start using bigbang kamehameha but broly transforms when last time during hit into a lssj 4 so the lighting shiel started to explode like bomb from brolys trannsfroemation and the ghosts attack but goggentks manages to teleport to east galaxy aas the south galaxys exploded and is only fire broly appears similar to ssj4 but in lssj style and fights they all fight but theres no hope there losing but after a while bulma and chichi come with a sapce pod and take his last attack in that momment kimori comet goggentks transforms into a lssj 4 and then a fight occurs and he uses his fial attack a thousand ghosts teleport broly to hell and each one uses goggentks siganture move each with the same power emited from the lighting shiel bomb and by this the mighty creators of universe are put to an end .

but then kimore comet spits into 3 parts ...............

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sherwoodsking  posted on May 30, 2008 2:57:32 PM - Report post

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Attacks:Flame Buster, Charged Shot, Dragon Bane(Ultimate)

Transformations:Painful Memories, Deadly Sayian, Full Power

Story:Raised by a poor human family on earth, no one ever cared about Blake. He was bullied, beat up, and tormented all through school. One day, someone broke into their home, killing Blakes human parents. He spent the next 15 years of his life traveling the world. Under the training of Master Hiroshima, a member of the Red Ribbon Army's Top Defenders, Blake reached his potential, transforming into his first for, painfull memories. Killing Hiroshima, he continued to travel. One day, he saw a tournement, the World Tounement. He watched as a young fighter, Goku, battled against the Namekian, Piccolo. Afterwords, Blake vowed to become more powerful than Goku. Years later, he finally reached his full power. He killed earth's speacial forces with ease, until he walked upon Gohan. The two battled, until Blake transformed to deadly Sayian, and killed Gohan.
Finding Goku, the two fought, hour after hour, day after day, neither tiring. Goku, realizing he couldn't win alone, called upon the power of Shenron. Shenron granted Goku his own power, with which Goku Demolished Blake. To this day, Blake is somewhere, getting stronger.

SuperSaiyan4  posted on May 30, 2008 7:30:47 PM - Report post

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Oh my gosh, I can't believe this board still gets a post every once and a while XD
Black_Gogeta  posted on Jun 19, 2008 3:48:24 PM - Report post

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Good to see your still here SS4

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