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Make your own char.!!!
Quan-Chi  posted on Jun 18, 2005 7:42:32 AM - Report post

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originally posted by DarkGoku

originally posted by DarkGoku

Name: Dokab (Do-cab)

Attacks: Phantom Shot (Shoots an almost invisible Kamehameha/Galic Gun type move)
Super Soul Bomber (A mix of the moves "Soul Punisher" and "Spirit Bomb"
Insane Lane (A mind trick sort of thing that puts opponents into their own world of fear)

Transformations: None

His Story


Not long after Baby had been defeated, Glaze's non LSSJ brother arose. He had been observing Goku on Earth for a few years. He had been sent there for one reason: DESTROY GOKU! Goku had messed up his grandfather's (Paragus) plans too many times. Now he was going to pay. Before he had been sent to Earth, Paragus had modifyed him; added on to him. He was now half Saiyan, half Robot. He had gained new features, like Insane Lane. In which he would analize his opponents so that he could send them on a trip to Hell.

Back to the story. On Earth, he had been watching, observing Goku. He knew almost every move that Goku had made up so far. He knew Goku's weeknesses and strong points. He knew everything about Goku's family also. From Gohan's "secret identity" to Goten's IQ. Knowing all these facts made him think he was prepared. So he went out, searching for Goku. He found him in 13 minutes. He had cought Goku alone. But the were more coming. Goku had set up a picnic, and he was the first person there. But Dokab didn't care. Goku had even warned him. But all he cared about was defeating Goku. He started out with a couple of punchs, and managed to even hit him with a Phantom Shot. But Goku stayed standing. Next, Gohan, Goten, Chichi, and Videl all came to the area. Chichi and Videl had to run away. Gohan was sent to Insane Lane. He was so scared he was sent into a coma. Goten was knocked out with a hard kick to the gut. It was just Dokab and Goku again. Goku hit Dokab with a hard punch in the gut. This sent him down gasping. Goku had his one chance here and now. He transformed to SSJ4 as fast as he could. Then he started a 10 x kamehameha. Dokab was just beginning to stand. Goku fired, ripping Dokab's left leg off. But then, Dokab began to grow it back! When Paragus modified him, he had put in a self repair chip. It was located in his stomach. All of a sudden, Vegeta, Trunks, and Bulma came flying over to the site. When They landed Trunks flew off with Bulma, and then it was Goku, Vegeta, and Dokab. They tried to fight him, but he had barely even been scratched. Vegeta turned SSJ4 also. Then, Trunks came back. He hit Dokab from behind. Dokab was surprised that a young saiyan could get a hit off of him. Dokab turned around and started fighting Trunks. The only reason Trunks lasted longer than Gohan was because of the shock that Dokab was in. While Trunks fought, Goku and Vegeta had been planing their fusion. They fused, and right after they fused, they started gaining energy. Trunks got knocked out by a blow to the head. Once Trunks was on the ground, Dokab shot a huge Phantom Shot at him. By now, SSJ4 Gogeta was fully charged, and ready to fight. Dokab and Gogeta fought as hard as they could. It seemed that they were evenly matched. But then, Dokab hit Gogeta with a Phantom Shot attack. He started to charge up his Super Soul Bomber. Gogeta got up. Dokab's Super Soul Bomber was getting big. This was Gogeta's chance to break his self-repair chip. They started their Big Bang Kamehameha. They fired it, shooting it right through Dokab's stomach. With his last ounce of strength, he threw the Super Soul Bomber. Gogeta realized that if they didn't stop this bomb, there would be a crater the size of North City there. So they thought of only one thing: Instant Teleportation. They came up to the bomb, and teleported themselves, and the bomb an area with almost no life. The bomb was about to blow, so they shot a Big Bang Kamehameha at it, sending it away.

[Edited by DarkGoku, 6/17/2005 6:56:24 AM]

It drifted out into space, but Gogeta wasn't able to see this, because he passed out. They had run out of energy. Barely alive, they were found about 5 hours later. They had come home, knowing that they had saved the Earth...again
Well, sorry about that, I ran out of characters (room to type my message). So...how did you like it?

sorry i mustve accidently skipped som of it i give it 10/10

Quan-Chi  posted on Jun 18, 2005 7:45:45 AM - Report post

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originally posted by SuperSaiyan4

originally posted by SuperKidBuu

I wanna be an Author but I try to make a FAQ and I don't think it's good enough...

i wanna be an auther 2 and I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SEND THEM AN E-MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

click on the authors button at the top of the page an READ!

[Edited by Quan-Chi, 6/18/2005 7:46:14 AM]

Quan-Chi  posted on Jun 18, 2005 8:35:28 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Quan-Chi

originally posted by Quan-Chi

originally posted by Black_Gogeta

Name: khozer (pronounced C-oh-zer)

Race: Skura/Saiyan

Attack 1:
Crystal Shards -- A hugeclear ball appears abovehis head which then crumbles into millions of little sharp pieces of crystal, which then fly at the opponent shredding them to ribbons.

Attack 2:
Time Barrier -- He can momentarily freeze an opponent in their tracks while he launches an attack.(How long they are frozen for depends on how strong they are. Ssj4 Gogeta will be frozen for 2-3 seconds)

Skura Spirit Revitalation -- He calls upon the Ancient Skura Warriors and they replenish his health to full power.(takes a few moments)

Special Weapon:
Dark Mystic Skura Blade -- This is a mysterious blade passed down to Khozer by the Ancient Skura. It can slice ki atacks such as the Spirit Bomb in half and the rest of its abilities are unknown.

Skura Oozaru -- He calls upon the Skua Spirits then he transforms into a black Oozaru with a huge symbol on his chest. He is surrounded by a dark purple aura.

Spirit Possesion -- The highest transformation after the Skura Oozaru. He calls upon the ancient Skura to grant him all their powers, then he glows black and out of nowhere these spirits which look like black blurs fly into him, granting him the power of all the Ancient Skura combined. He is back to a normal size, his hair is spikey but it pikes out to the front and it is black with a purple tint. He has a purple aura with black electic bolts around him (like ssj2).

Khozer was born a Saiyan but when he was 3 his power suddenly rose greatly and he fired a huge ki blast which nearly killed Prince Vegeta. He was banished from the planet along with his father,Katts. His father took him to a planet far away from Vegeta so he could train Khozer to get revenge on the Saiyan race. They trained long and hard but when Khozer was 7 his father passed away. Left to defend himself he kept on training as his father wanted him to, and one day during training he felt a massive energy coming from a near by planet. At this point he was about the lvl of Goku just before he fought Frieza, so he went out of instinc to this planet to see what the power was. When he arrived in the Saiyan pod he immedietly hit the ground because of the intense gravity. A wounded man suddenly ppeared infront of him and offered to spare his life if he would become part of their race and destroy the Universe. Khozer reluctantly agreed and then the man stabbed him with a huge black blade. When he awoke the gravity was of no problem to him and his power had grown beyond his belief. Over the next 20 years the voices of the ancient race of the Skura had guided him to become more powerful than any skura that ever lived. When he had eventually reached a high enough power to control the Skura Blade, he was sent off to destroy the Universe. However, Khozer still hadn't forgotten about his childhood and how he was bannished from planet Vegeta, so he insisted on destroying that planet and punishing every Saiyan alive before he started his mission for the Skura. Although by this time Frieza had destroyed planet Vegeta, so the Skura Spirits explained this to Khozer and told him of the remaining Saiyans on planet Earth, including Prince Vegeta. Goku was a Ssj4 by this time and Khozer was keen to test his powers, so he set coarse for Earth.

I havnt posted this in a while, hes my fave character and I am thinking of making a FanFic on him, enjoy

[Edited by Black_Gogeta, 6/9/2005 12:58:27 PM]

Black_Gogeta can i use your character in my stori?

Are People TRYING to avoid answering me lately?

[Edited by Quan-Chi, 6/12/2005 8:41:51 PM]


DarkGoku  posted on Jun 18, 2005 9:51:21 AM - Report post

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Thanks people who rated my story. I am pleased that you liked it, and I even might make an encore...

And nobody is trying to avoid you. Try PMing him the question. He probably hasn't even seen it...

Quan-Chi  posted on Jun 18, 2005 10:07:06 AM - Report post

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huh i didt thenk ofndat thanks!!
DarkGoku  posted on Jun 18, 2005 10:10:17 AM - Report post

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SuperKidBuu  posted on Jun 18, 2005 3:02:33 PM - Report post

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I just sent In a Pikmin 2 Boss FAQ. I might be an Author.
DarkGoku  posted on Jun 18, 2005 5:12:22 PM - Report post

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