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Need help with Latios
kill SAW  posted on Aug 07, 2004 8:53:56 AM - Report post

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Every time i use the masterball cheat he runs away
Guest  posted on Aug 07, 2004 8:55:50 AM - Report post

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The masterball cheat has to be fake

(Unless It is gameshark or something)
pyro  posted on Nov 14, 2004 9:39:43 AM - Report post

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here is the easiest way to get latios you go to lilycove go to the west grasses save the game then turn of then on look for latios in pokedex he is number 197 if he is not in your area then keep doing it until he is in your area but you might want to get a pokemon that knows mean look so he wont get away. you must have at least 40 ultra balls because that is how many it took me mine is lvl 100
Its a secret  posted on Nov 19, 2004 7:42:47 PM - Report post

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Every time you hurt it he dosnt gain any health when he runs away. Go to sky tower and catch a golbat(they all know mean look)or catch a wynat and battle it(arena trap dos not work aganist it)
bradley wilcox  posted on Nov 24, 2004 8:14:21 AM - Report post

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most master ball cheats are fake you have to give it to any pokemon and put it in the pc but before you do this save your game incase this dosen't work put your pokemon in the pc then change the box when it says saving the game shut it off and then you have a pokemon thats in the pc with a master ball and a pokemon in your party!!!!!!!!!!
GoldenHawk  posted on Nov 24, 2004 7:39:14 PM - Report post

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no way i use master ball on it cuz i had cheat from action replay (i had 99 master balls ) and i caught it.. so it must be something else like u used the worng ball on accident, or ur so excited to meet the pokemon ur heads playing games with u=P
DarkGamer  posted on Jun 03, 2007 1:54:20 AM - Report post

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Well, i dint use cheats and did it like this: 1. Go to that city in the south in the water ( with the tree walking things ) 2. Save ur game. 3. Get a pokemon with Mean Look 4. Look on ur PokeDex for Latios, if its NOT around that city, turn ur gameboy of and on or reset ( a+b+start+select at same time) 5. If its in ur area, go to there, when the water strarts 2 float rare ( battle begin ) u know u gonna see Latios. Use mean look, throw all ur Ultra balls ( i cought him with an Dive Ball O.o ) and wait... Btw Latios doesnt have any rare powers or something, its NOT Mirage Island sensitive. But it gots an attack ( Luster Purge) that ONLY Latios & Latias an learn. GOod luck
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