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Sam_Fisher  posted on Mar 17, 2005 6:03:47 PM - Report post

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i need help finding the silver keys to open chests. can u people tell me were some of them are pls!!!!!!!!
Geozone  posted on Jan 26, 2006 7:45:48 AM - Report post

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1 // Lookout Point
Hack through the thorny bushes near the statue in Lookout Point to reveal a thin path that leads to the first silver key.
2 // Bowerstone South
You can find the second silver key on the balcony of the Bowerstone South clothing shop.
3 // Fisher Creek
Use your fishing pole at one of the many fishing spots on the north side of the map (by the treasure chest) to hook the third silver key.
4 // Guild Woods
Once you get your fishing pole, return to Guild Woods and use it at the spot where you stood to fire at the bandits before your graduation.
5 // Greatwood Lake
This one's easy. Just head up toward the broken bridge at the north part of the Greatwood Lake map.
6 // Orchard Farm
Fish from the pier at the far east end of the map to pull up the Orchard Farm silver key.
7 // Rose Cottage
Use your spade to dig up a key in a patch of dirt lined by red flowers in Grandma's backyard at the west end of this map.
8 // Hobbe Cave
You'll find a ring of mushrooms near the north end of the Focus Chamber map of Hobbe Cave, where you fought the nymph boss. Use your spade to dig up a key there.
9 // Darkwood Lake
There's a strange spire with a hole near the top in the middle of Darkwood Lake. Put an arrow through that hole to dislodge a silver key.
10 // Ancient Cullis Gate
You can hook the 10th silver key by fishing off the edge of the bridge at the west end of Darkwood's Ancient Cullis Gate map.
11 // Grey House
You can fish up a silver key in the pond at the northeast end of the Grey House area near the Demon Door.
12 // Oakvale
You can dig up both a silver key and an obsidian greataxe as part of the treasure buried by the ghost pirate in the Oakvale cemetery.
13 // Twinblade's Camp
If you cross the shallow pond on the south side of the camp, you'll find a small plot of land with a treasure chest and several barrels. Dig between them to unearth a silver key.
14 // Witchwood Stones
Fish up a silver key in the pond to your left (across from the Demon Door) as you enter Witchwood Stones from the south.
15 // Witchwood Lake
As you enter this area from the west, you'll see a statue lit by a red glow to your left. Use your spade there to dig up a silver key.
16 // Knothole Glade
If you use your spade in a ring of plants between the homes in the southern part of Knothole Glade, you can dig up another silver key.
17 // Windmill Hill
You'll find a flower-lined mound, where you can dig up one of the two keys in this area in the garden by the small farmhouse on the west side of Windmill Hill.
18 // Windmill Hill
The other Windmill Hill silver key is located behind the windmill. You can dig it up from a similar flower-lined ring of dirt.
19 // Headsman's Hill
As part of the mayor's invitation quest, you'll battle Thunder at Headsman's Hill. During the duel, you'll fall to a smaller area of the map, where you can fish up a silver key from a pond.
20 // Bowerstone Manor
Marrying Lady Grey is the only way to get access to Bowerstone Manor in Bowerstone North. When you do, you'll find a silver key by searching the lady's bed.
21 // Lychfield Graveyard
There are three keys in this area. One can be found in a crypt in the south-central part of the map, buried with the corpse.
22 // Lychfield Graveyard
The second key is buried in a grave right outside of the crypt where you found silver key No. 21.
23 // Lychfield Graveyard
You can fish up the third Lychfield Graveyard key from the stream just through the gates and west of the grave keeper's shack.
24 // Cliffside Path
You'll find another spot to dig up a buried silver key in the hill at the north end of this map, past the underground tunnel.
25 // Hook Coast
Break into the lighthouse in Hook Coast by picking the lock or smashing down the door. You'll find the final silver key in a ground-floor cabinet.
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