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The Great Gods
Osiris  posted on Mar 12, 2005 6:42:34 AM - Report post

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In diablo there are gods the first god is Obelisk which is bararian the 2nd god is Slifer which is Amazon the 3rd god is the most powrful god of all of them its Ra which is sorccerer! use these gods to beat hell mode!!! today is your luky day becuase am about to tell you what a god is in the game!!!! a God is a charater that a powerful effects in the game that cant e found anywhere to get a god you have to have a editor! when you have a editor you can make your charcter get all the way up to level 99 and have 2,0000000 act power and 4652745672 defense power!!! this is the only way top beat hell mode!!!! Obelisk is god of power which is the barbarian! Slifer is the god of undestrucktible force!!!Ra is the god of earth which can control everything in the world!!!! you have to have a editor so try to get one and become the undestructible force!!!!!
Osiris  posted on Mar 12, 2005 6:50:50 AM - Report post

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Get obleisk!!!!

create a barbarian and go online and get a editor aand creat this character learning the strengh of power!!!! this barbarian is the god of great defense which means this god is extreamly hard to defeat!!!!!!! secreat effect! every god has a own ablilty so Obelisk has the powrful alility to detroy everything in its path with 10,0000npoints of damage with in 10 seconds!!!!! Only can use this effect 3 times to regain it is if you have know more efeect points and go to save game and beat hell mode again to regain more pionts!!!! the more you beat hell mode the more effect points you have!!!!!

Osiris  posted on Mar 12, 2005 7:48:12 AM - Report post

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Get Slifer
create a amazon and go to online and get a editor! get the editor Slifer! only works for amazon! Slifer has the most powerful attack power .... whoever goes near slifer is aout to lose 10,000 of life!!!!! Slifer has great power and gains power every time she attacks!!!!!!This ability works all the time which is great!!! Obelisk and slifer when they battle they oth cant be deffeated!!!!! becuase of there power!!!!
If you try to use slifer in normal nightmare or hell slifer will crush every monster with one blow!!!!!! Slifer is a exiting god of all!!!!!
Osiris  posted on Mar 12, 2005 7:58:54 AM - Report post

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Get Ra
Choose the charater sorceress and go online and get a editor get the editor Ra God only works with sorcerrer! when playing with Ra sorceress will look gold and has a white powerful armor!!!!!! Ra has the ability to learn everymove in the game ecept the other god moves also ra can copy other peoples moves!!! Ra can become invisible and cut down the monster life into 1 and do the remaining damage back to the monster!!!! Ra can walk and run infinite and runs like lightning!!! Ra is a earth monster so it can do mostly sorceress moves!!! Ra is uneffected by fire,poison,lightning,freeze and ect..... Ra attack is actully nothing so Ra can copy anything!!!! To to copy Baals attack in hell mode and learn his moves!!!!! Ra attack can go up to 9999999 which it unbeatable!!!!!! If this god dies you cnt get it again you have to go back to editing but if it dies it makes this great powerful earthquak that takes 9999999 damage and it does 1 hit kill atomaticly!!!!!! Ra is a very hard god to kill so once you see it RUN!!!!!!! Ra is the most powerful god of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Osiris  posted on Mar 12, 2005 8:13:09 AM - Report post

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Get Osiris
Thsi is a god but not a charater its only one charater and this osiris cant be found in the editor!!!!! Osiris is a sorceress but it was fused by slifer and obelisk!!!! In the game if you are playing as Ra...... Ra can copy any move so if you see obelisk copy the monster and if you see slifer copy that monster!!!!!! then a earthquake comes and you become God of Osiris!!!! Each god has a abilty Obelisk is the god of great defense! Slifer is the god of great attack!!!!! AND ra is the god of copying, transforming becoming invisible and turning into a pheonix and also learns everymove!!!!!
WHEN ALL THE 3 GODS ARE FUSED IT TURNS INTO OSIRIS!!!! Osiris has the abilty of all the 3 gods and 1 special abilty!!!! It can make bosses and people!!!!!! you can make up to 50 bosses and people!!!!! Osiris cant die! the only way to get this beast is if you have ra then copy obelisk from online and then copy slifer from online!!!!! Osiris can use his abilty all the time!!!!!!
Nightmare  posted on Mar 12, 2005 9:51:15 AM - Report post

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Beware of Gods!!!!!!!
when playing diablo online beware of the 3 gods Obelisk, Slifer, and Ra they steal your items and your soul when you die!!!! I saw Slifer and i was killed in 1 shot and they stoll one of my items!!! If you bbeat slifer you get its item called Stone of Slifer! It makes your attack 10,0000 and deffense 10,0000 it makes you get up to 30 levels higher!!!! The most you must beware of is Obelisk and Ra they will use there powerful effects on you and you die 1 hit kill! whatever you do dont try to kill this god it will strike you with one punch!!!!!!
Nightmare  posted on Mar 12, 2005 10:03:43 AM - Report post

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where to find the 3 gods!!
well the 3 gods are really hard to find Obelisk and slifer and ra are trying to find themselfs so that they can create the powerful Osiris! So i saw Ra in the andarial temple.i talk to ra and she said that she was looking for the other 2 gods!!! Really the 3 gods are at the diablo temple!!! I saw ra and obelisk and slifer there once! They always go there!!! you will never find the 3 gods at normal mode and nightmare mode!!! you have to go to hell mode! If you see Obelisk he will kill you becuase that guy is so mean! go online and go to the room called Diabloic and go to the diablos temple! you might see a god there! I wonder what happens when all three gods are battling together!!! If ra beats obelisk and slifer Ra will transform into Osiris!!!!
Goddess  posted on Mar 13, 2005 5:37:53 AM - Report post

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I saw slifer online and that slifer was Amazon
In diablo the strongest and hardest charater or monster in the game was Baal.Now somone had created a new editor in the game called the great gods! They were soppose to make your charater unwinable! Each god had a special abilty! When you see a god you must think for a second..... am i going to die or am i going to kill the god and win there stone. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN!!!!! These gods cant bbe defeated its inposible! You can become a god to by going to www.diablo.com and go to the editor and you will see The Great Gods!
really i dont like the gods becuase its cheating so when your a god you will detroy and create everything in your path! These gods came popular when people were playing diablo it became exciting! Really the gods are not 12 feet tall there the size of the regular charater!!!
Like Obelisk is barbarian! Slifer is Amazon!
Ra is the socerress! but these gods are so different!!! They change the whole intire charater!! When you see Obelisk Slifer or Ra there is a chance when they combined to Osiris! So watch out for these 3 gods!
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