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Anyone need help??? Ask Me!!
cazam  posted on Feb 28, 2005 9:29:05 AM - Report post

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Tiki it's me cazam. You must not have all nine life upgrades. Because if you did the the water sword should be in front of the hourglass.
Krane  posted on Mar 01, 2005 1:57:15 PM - Report post

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We would really love it if you could check into this for us. We are both stuck and help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


TIkI  posted on Mar 01, 2005 3:03:50 PM - Report post

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Sorry everyone... I haven't posted in a while... and I'm afraid I won't be posting any more.

The # one tip I can give everyone is to follow the cutscenes. Just keep going... but don't go back from where you came. The cutscenes show you where you go next.

The other thing is that there are no "cheats" for this game. You can look all you want... but cheats like "X, X, O, Square, R1, R1" (or similar) .. DO NOT EXIST for this game. You will find strategy guides and walkthroughs only. You may be able to use a codebreaker or gameshark to get cheats, but I don't know.

I feel that this is the stupidest game to have cheats for... considering the game is practically cheating... you mess and just rewind... I mean.. HELLO?? ... lol...

So good luck to everyone... but I am done with this game for now. Time to go dodge bullets and do wall runs in slow motion on another good game.


BACKLASH  posted on Mar 10, 2005 12:38:25 PM - Report post

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hi Tiki...
do u by chance know where the 9 life upgrades are? i know they are all in the past but i got only 3 and then finished off the empress the 2nd time and finished the game which kinda sucked cause i wanted ta kill the dahaka...

if u can help out plz mail me and if u have some cheats etc do mail them too... or reply back here... backlash555@gmail.com.....

thanks soo much.. owe ya one..

de ceulaer  posted on Mar 12, 2005 11:30:14 PM - Report post

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# Defeating The Dahaka

You must have all nine Life Upgrades to gain the final sword, The Water Sword, to fight The Dahaka and receive the alternate ending. Before you enter the Central Chamber the second time, make sure you go to the pedestal in the middle of the hourglass room to receive the Water Sword. Enter the Central Chamber to trigger the intermission sequence. Then, chase the empress to trigger the alternate Boss fight with The Dahaka. This can be a very tricky Boss (especially under the hard difficulty setting), and he may seem very cheap at first. Immediately when the fight starts, trigger the Ravages Of Time attack against the beast. Do this twice, then run around and refill your Sand Tanks. The Dahaka will try to shoot his tendrils up through the ground in front of you. The best tactic to avoid them is to run around in a circle -- they will not touch you. After your Sand Tanks are filled, go back towards him. When you get close to him, he will shoot tendrils out of his stomach at you. Roll under them then activate Slow Time and hit him until his health is about half way down. An intermission sequence will start, and the beast will be hanging on the side of the cliff. Run over to him and use Ravages Of Time as much as possible. When his health gets too low, he will jump up into the center of the stage and regain half of his health. This is when he becomes angry and things get tricky. He will try to jump on you multiple times. Run around the stage collecting the sands, rolling out of the way when he jumps towards you. If he misses you, he will try to shoot his tendrils at you; just run or roll away from him. Eventually he will go back to shooting tendrils out of the ground. When your sands are full, run towards him and use the same tactic as before. When your down to a couple of Sand Tanks, fill up again. The strategy is to get his health as low as possible before he gets knocked to the side of the cliff, then use either Slow Time or Ravages to kill him off before he jumps back up again.

Get the Light Sword. Ensure that you do not throw the Light Sword. Hang onto it until the Dahaka fight. Beat on him as instructed above, but when he hangs on the ledge for the first time, slow time and hit him with the Light Sword (not the Water Sword). He should die before he is able to jump back up. If not, you will defeat him the second time.
# Defeating The Empress Of Time

de ceulaer  posted on Mar 13, 2005 7:28:30 AM - Report post

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ive got the water sword but now ime stuck in the garden tower i cant get away
de ceulaer  posted on Mar 13, 2005 7:29:09 AM - Report post

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ive got the water sword
de ceulaer  posted on Mar 13, 2005 7:31:42 AM - Report post

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1 (Past): After fighting the girl in black a second time, pull the large altar on ground level of the sacrificial chamber to reveal a secret door. Go through the trapped hallway and get the first Life Upgrade.

2 (Past): This is done after Slow Time is earned. From the room where the Prince has an intermission sequence with the maggot man creature, go into the large courtyard-like room with a timed floor switch next to some stairs. This switch opens a low gate at the top of the same set of stairs. Go through that trapped hallway for the second Life Upgrade. Note: To obtain the second Life Upgrade without getting the power that slows time, you must find the switch behind the barrels. Press the switch and wall ride up the wall, instead of running up the stairs roll. If done correctly, you should make it a moment before the door closes.

3 (Past): This is done after the Serpent Sword is earned. Rotate the turnstile switch directly opposite the facing of the metal nub where the Serpent Sword was used to create platforms to a door at the bottom of the chasm. Use long wall jumping to slow the Prince's descent down to the level of the door. Past that door is a trapped hallway that leads to the third Life Upgrade.

4 (Past): When exploring the Garden Tower, look for a room that is overgrown with vegetation and is directly below a box and folding bridge puzzle. It is in the same vicinity as the first switch that turns on the water for the Garden Tower. A break in the fencing allows the Prince to drop off and use ledges to access a door underneath the overgrown vegetation room. The fourth Life Upgrade is past that trapped hallway.

5 (Past): When exploring the Garden Tower's second water puzzle, ledge up after turning on the water (but before exiting the room with the turn switch) for the fifth Life Upgrade.

6 (Past): When exploring the Clock Tower, look the giant Golem enemy that throws explosives. One breakable wall is a save point, but there is a second breakable wall on the other end of the room leads to the sixth Life Upgrade.

7 (Past): After gaining the Scorpion Sword and a particularly tough giant Golem encounter, a ladder leads the Prince to a Roman courtyard room. Two breakable walls are here -- one has a switch, and the other has the door which requires Slow Time to access. The seventh Life Upgrade is past that door.

8 (Past): After entering the Library, the Prince will need to pull out two bookcases to continue his progress. Look for two circular ledge/beam structures (one of which will have a Ninja) after dealing with the bookcases. One of the circular ledge/beam structures leads to a wall with three levels of ledges that may be climbed/sidled. This is a detour to the eighth Life Upgrade.

9 (Past): There is a location near the beginning where you chased Shadee (girl in black) and a door shut behind her. You then have to go up a set of platforms to finally reach the switch atop the room, just before sacrificial pit. Go back there when you get a sword that can break walls. Make your way back up this room. Look carefully when on the top platforms. There should be a set of metal bars in one of the wall that seem damaged. There is a crate behind those bars. Break the metal bars with your sword. Bring the crate onto the platform and look up. You can use the crate to access a passage in the roof to reach the ninth Life Upgrade.

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