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  Starfield Trainer
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    Send a message to _Joerg_
    _Joerg_ posted on Sep 04, 2023 6:25:49 AM - Report post
    I check both options of Inventory and it works like it should, no crashes, on any planets or so.
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    fedord posted on Sep 04, 2023 9:29:08 AM - Report post
    originally posted by Gangreenator

    originally posted by fedord

    Nothing in that link offers a solution to the crashes. I take it we just have to live with them if we want to keep using the trainer?

    My suggestion would be to try disabling steam overlay through the settings in your steam client. I don't have this game but disabling that did help me in some others that experienced crashing.

    Another one which I would usually suggest would be to play in exclusive fullscreen but for some reason, the game has only windowed and boderless fullscreen. If this is the cause, then the only way is to wait for bethesda to get around to making one.

    Ill try disabling the overlay and see how it goes. Worth a shot! Thanks for the suggestion.

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    dreamer21do posted on Sep 04, 2023 9:35:01 AM - Report post
    there are 6 update request open for vote:


    but there is two Unlimited Jetpack boost,

    one pelase change to auto lockpick please, hten we can now vote.


    what is the different between both in detail:

    # Inventory:
    • NumPad7: Mega Inventory Max Mass
    • F1: No Inventory Weight


    [Edited by dreamer21do, 9/4/2023 9:36:46 AM]
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    ottakanawa posted on Sep 04, 2023 9:39:30 AM - Report post
    Bunch of awesome new trainer options up for voting guys I vote for all of them personally.
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    Send a message to Ackis
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    Ackis posted on Sep 04, 2023 10:51:14 AM - Report post
    People have been asking for an auto-lockpick solution, but I don't think that's feasible with a trainer. What might work however is infinite auto-slots.

    I thought I saw the auto-lockpick up for a vote, but I just checked and it wasn't there. Did someone submit it and it get denied?
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    BeasterXP posted on Sep 04, 2023 11:00:42 AM - Report post
    originally posted by medintern

    to BeasterXP:

    Below message was posted by Cal earlier in this thread.

    Credits may be a combination of things you collect. The amount is an "addition" of credits. Not sure why, but this is what I have found

    1. dont be with or near the vendor. Be somewhere else
    2. have found at least ONE credit
    3. if the values don't match, still you can add credits. The value shown may be combination of credits TOTAL minus credits you SPENT or are SAVED for something.


    [Edited by medintern, 9/4/2023 12:39:07 AM]

    Thanks so much! I'll give that a try!

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    PWizard posted on Sep 04, 2023 11:07:03 AM - Report post
    originally posted by Lashley93

    originally posted by jmac13

    After several attempts, I finally managed to launch the trainer and it works.
    For the trainer to work I need to launch the game from Aurora.
    When I used the armor option for the ship I realized that this option also works for the enemy (impossible to destroy the ships) and when I deactivate this option it remains active as well as the booster for the engine.
    Thanks for the help.

    Same, enemies are invincible

    Sorry, but this is it. From here on out our mods have been instructed to AUTO-DELETE ALL COMPLAINTS THAT DO NOT CONTAIN A SAVEGAME. We have been asking until our fn faces are blue.

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    Nook posted on Sep 04, 2023 2:37:03 PM - Report post
    originally posted by fedord

    Getting constant crashes since i started using this trainer (every 15-20 minutes) when loading into a new zone or transitioning zones. The only options i have ever running are the max inventory mass option and infinite O2 option.

    I've tested those 2 options and I was unable to get my game to crash, I've even tried using all the other options and loaded a zone while activating and deactivating an option per load and I still couldn't get the game to crash

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