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  Atomic Heart Trainer
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    Evilmonkee posted on Mar 08, 2023 4:51:22 PM - Report post
    originally posted by Caliber

    originally posted by Evilmonkee

    Originally posted by Wobblesmack:
    HI Cal

    I think they are referring to the energy for the SHOKT ability [V] and the polymer jet power that sprays the foam stuff no matter what options I try they still run out as normal not sure if GAMEPASS saves are transferable if so I can provide mine as I believe I found their home in appdata/packages/focushome but with game pass I fear they may be encoded to a specific gamertag/profile both powers are acquired pretty early. if the saves are transferable let me know where I should drop it.

    I was also having an issue with the neuropolymer power upgrade currency when I changes it in the editor it altered the 2nd resource in from the left at top right of inventory screen instead of the neuropolymer value on left side

    Hope this extra info helps

    This is what I'm experiencing on the Steam version. Both the SHOKT and Polymer jet abilities run out of power and have a cooldown. The freeze ability will stay active until you turn it off and has no cooldown. Those are the only abilities I have at this point as I'm not that far into the game I think.

    I'm attaching my latest save, but will submit an update request if needed/posssible.

    [Edited by Evilmonkee, 3/4/2023 1:36:09 PM]

    [Edited by Evilmonkee, 3/4/2023 1:39:47 PM]

    I updated the energy option to maybe help with other energy sources, give it a try


    Tested again and it worked for the polymer jet ability(same as freeze now). Basically works as a toggle so ability will remain active until you turn it off. That's fine.

    The Shokt ability[V] is the same as before though. Ability fires quickly then a cooldown.

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    kirayoshi posted on Mar 09, 2023 1:34:18 PM - Report post
    I'm suffering a CTD problems recently. After a bit of trial and error, I put the crash down to the in-game overlay.

    So do not have the "auto inject in-game overlay" ticked in the options. Leave it unchecked and the trainer works perfectly with no issues
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    markie123 posted on Mar 11, 2023 11:23:51 AM - Report post
    hi guys trainer was working but now all it says is trainer cannot find game but did work before any help is appreciated
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    Oxolane posted on Mar 13, 2023 9:02:11 PM - Report post
    After you find the 1 address how do you change it to whatever number you want? I want to know since this is my first time using Cosmos and It'll be good for future game references. And can you save the address you find in Cosmos for later use? Once I closed Cosmos it deleted the old entry.
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    Caliber posted on Mar 18, 2023 1:54:20 PM - Report post
    There is no platform we provide trainers for named VKPlay.

    Our trainer is for LEGITIMATELY PURCHASED game on STEAM and GAMEPASS

    Trainer Creator
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