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    Emperor Theoden posted on Jan 24, 2023 4:25:35 PM - Report post
    This would be the next step in Creating trainers is trying to figure out how to bypass this completely, there is a way but only a handful of experienced people know what Denuvo is and how to try to figure a way around it.

    It would seem more, more and more games are falling with having Denuvo and what we need to know is how to get around it.

    This should be a discussion in cheathappens foums that talks about Denuvo with people coming forward with more information that can lead with steps on how to bypass Denuvo completely.

    Denuvo is only used to stop piracy and since we are doing something different we shouldn't have to deal with Denuvo.

    I don't know why non-mulitplayer games have Denuvo the only reason is to stop duplication of any game. but since we cannot making a trainer for that game it only seems we need to find a way to bypass Denuvo since our purpose is to not piracy but to make trainers for singleplayer games.

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    Emperor Theoden posted on Jan 24, 2023 4:38:20 PM - Report post
    How many games have Denuvo Vs games with No Denuvo? the answer is Very Little, so we may have to stop creating new trainers for newer games and just keep updating the older trainers. there may be 2 out of 5 games that may or may not be trainable and the devs are also trying very hard to disguise Denuvo so we just have to be very careful. What could be the next thing after Denuvo, not sure but we know we're be ready to take action when it does.
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    Gangreenator posted on Jan 24, 2023 5:04:03 PM - Report post
    The issue might not be denuvo per se. To begin with, it has to be noted that denuvo now offers anti-cheat software to go along with its drm. However, that is optional and comes at a cost so not all games that use denuvo drm will opt for denuvo anti-cheat as well. There are many denuvo games(eg total war warhammer series) that have trainers created for them because they only use denuvo as a drm, not as anti-cheat. Unfortunately, while the steam store page lists denuvo drm, it does not state whether it includes the anti-cheat portion as well.

    While stranded alien dawn has denuvo drm, it's not clear whether it has denuvo anti-cheat as well. The devs could have implemented their own form of anti-cheat or it could simply be that the game engine is such a mess of sphagetti code that making a trainer for it is next to impossible. As an example, I recall CH mentioning that it is difficult to make trainers for games that are based on gamemaker engine due to the nature of it even though they don't have denuvo or any anti-cheat measures.

    In any case, I don't think CH wants to remove denuvo drm(not the anti-cheat) or try to defeat/bypass it because it could have legal ramifications.

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