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  Wartales Trainer
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    Caliber posted on May 25, 2023 3:14:09 PM - Report post

    game already patched 3 times this month..

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    skip10 posted on May 25, 2023 4:20:17 PM - Report post
    Appreciate the respnse. Perhaps I am not understanding your update system. The version of the trainer I've been using apprears to have been created on 20 Apr 23. It has worked fine upuntil yesterday when the game had a major update. Did I miss any updates since 20 Apr 23?. Searching for updates on this trainer doesn't reveal any that I can see.

    I still get it if this game is a pain in the ass to keep up with, so no problem. I'll just wait for better days ahead when the developers get their act together and finish this thing up. IN the mean time I'll be enjoying other games you support!

    I enjoy yur work!

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    PWizard posted on May 25, 2023 5:14:26 PM - Report post
    There have either not been any game breaking patches since then or no one has reported any that would require a trainer update. Right now there are ZERO update requests. We don't look at the game to update until 3-5 requests.
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    srialmaster posted on May 28, 2023 2:55:49 PM - Report post
    I 2nd that the trainer doesn't work and needs to be updated.
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    SmileyJ posted on May 28, 2023 3:53:53 PM - Report post
    originally posted by srialmaster

    I 2nd that the trainer doesn't work and needs to be updated.

    Hi srialmaster.

    Then I suggest you post an update report so we get the necessary reports needed for it to be looked at. That is the way we get notice of something not working.
    Thank you.

    Please use the update notification system to report a game patch, update or to report that the trainer may not be working with the latest version of the game. If 3 or more reports have been filed, consider BOOSTING the priority of this title for a faster turnaround on the updated trainer.

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    Caliber posted on Jun 01, 2023 9:53:25 AM - Report post

    For those of you that are new or don't know anything about this title, how it's programmed, or the history of it's updates, and what we have to do here each time the game patchs, the short version is

    game is programmed in proprietary net like language
    this means game code is created at run time, but in random memory
    there is no easy way to find functions by name
    functions have to be found via aob scan of entire game memory
    each patch, and I mean EACH patch, the aob changes
    this means each MAJOR patch is basically a new rewrite of the entire trainer
    this also means many times having to literaly re reverse the game in its entirety each patch
    this takes hours, sometimes 6-8 hours
    every MAJOR patch
    every time
    over and over
    so realize that while it's easy for developer to shoot out 15 patches in a month to their never finished broken game, WE have to work on it FROM SCRATCH each time.
    we have 10000+ other titles here, many of which are NEW games, OR don't use this stupid programming method, NOR do they update over and over like this title
    So we can't devote 8 hours on problematic time sink titles like this at the expense of time for the rest of the site, especially when the game is as old as it is and has been doing this over and over.


    Look at all the patches since December 2021...

    So while we realize this title is requested update by a few people to trigger being on the list, NO ETA when we will be able to do it, just that it's noted and on the list.

    here is some more posts about it over the years on the forums:





    With that said, hopefully this update will be simple and won't require all this work.
    Trainer Creator
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