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    IvanWolf posted on Apr 05, 2021 2:12:25 PM - Report post
    originally posted by redphenx

    if you mean if you enable the cheat then yeah pretty much as your doing the missions but like i said dont want to enable them till you pass helping eva or the weapon vendor or it crashes every time if you enable after wards then the legendarys drop per mission as you do them but it does seem to drop cannonball gear alot more then everything else

    also for the shards cheat that gives you crit damage, anomaly power, armor pierce, max health, weapon life leach, close range damage, bonus firepower, and healing received

    it seems it doesnt include skills life leech or status power cause they not at 9999 and if i enable the cheat they go away so im unsure how many other shards there are from mods but may have to look into it so we can spec for everything if possible

    [Edited by redphenx, 4/5/2021 2:14:39 AM]

    *you're (you are) doing the mission.

    Also, just a harmless thing to point out: You really should learn to use punctuation in your messages and also proofread. If you don't, it makes it hard for others to understand you correctly as they're just long run-on sentences.

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    Koichiisama posted on Apr 05, 2021 3:30:55 PM - Report post
    Not sure if this has been brought up before, but I just noticed something last night. When I have both "Rare loot drop" and "increased legendary chances" on, all of the armor I seem to get is for a different class than what I use.

    For example, just found out that the Cannonball armor is for Devastator. I'm playing a Pyro but all the legendary drops I'm getting are for Devastator. Oddly enough, I can still equip em no problem. Not sure if this is a game issue or a bug that's being caused by those two trainer options being used at the same time.
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    Caliber posted on Apr 05, 2021 3:46:11 PM - Report post
    originally posted by AndiS3D


    Trainer works, but with trainer i could start the game only in DX12.....i can select DX11, but it starts ever with DX12.
    DX11 runĀ“s smoother for me, so a EAC_OUTRIDERS.exe for DX11 would be great. 😘

    This is a noted problem that has nothing to do with trainer


    Trainer Creator
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    RMXO posted on Apr 05, 2021 9:34:06 PM - Report post
    If anyone is lagging in MP, try the fix below, it may or may not fix your issue but worth a shot.

    TLDR : Turn off "game logs"


    [Edited by RMXO, 4/5/2021 9:34:24 PM]
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    Send a message to XxDarkus104Xx
    XxDarkus104Xx posted on Apr 05, 2021 10:04:18 PM - Report post
    Hello, ok so just now I have been getting this error popup saying "unable to create Igameclient: or something like that. I already replaced the EAC_OUTRIDERS.exe and the problem still persists. I tried verifying local game files and that did not work either. Can someone please tell me what is going on? This was just happening when I was doing the drop pod missions and I have gotten up to the eye of the storm.
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    Send a message to okayjay
    okayjay posted on Apr 05, 2021 11:32:30 PM - Report post
    originally posted by Solongchu

    originally posted by okayjay

    Originally posted by Caliber:

    originally posted by xICEMANx117
    So i replaced the EAC with the one that came with the trainer, am i missing something cause the game wouldnt even load it went thru and i got a error message and it autoclosed

    You didn't read ALL the instructions, and do what ALL the instructions said, otherwise the error message wouldn't happen.


    I have similar issue. I had read all the instruction and changed out the EAC_OUTRIDERS with the one include in the download but every time I try to launch the game, it crashes before it even loads into the opening cinematics so I can't even get to the sign in screen. When I put the original EAC_OUTRIDERS back in, the game loads fine.

    [Edited by okayjay, 4/4/2021 3:53:15 PM]

    1. Start trainer
    2. Start Game
    3. Hit F1 before it gets to the Authenticating screen
    If you try to start it during or after that it crashes

    Like I mentioned, I READ all the instructions. I know what needs to be done. The issue is I can't even get to Authenticating screen because I can't start the game. The game crashes the same time I open it with the provided EAC_OUTRIDERS.

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    Send a message to Solongchu
    Solongchu posted on Apr 05, 2021 11:45:43 PM - Report post
    I just got done a 26 consecutive hour play through and the trainer worked perfectly with the settings I use so Thank you for your work,
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    Send a message to woots
    woots posted on Apr 06, 2021 12:35:03 AM - Report post
    PSA: For anyone stuck on the Eva side quest where you are forced to select a weapon and the game crashes.


    Unequip all Earthbond DLC items and stick them in stash, unequip all Legendary items and stick them in stash. For your main weapons just keep all 3 slots basic lower rarity weapons. I even went as far as to remove all my clothes (full unequip) and stick them all in stash. I still kept crashing after all this and my final solution was to set my World Tier back to level 1.

    Once you do all that, it will let you pass without crash. Then from what I read we should be free and clear the rest of the game to equip gears how we like. It would be smart though to keep a low tier rarity weapon in each slot in your stash just in case this happens to us again later in game.

    Also, the devs know about this issue and will be working on a patch for it eventually. Being that we use the trainer we have more issues with higher world tier and legendries to deal with on this bug (which also affect it).

    Good Luck
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