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Little problem with infinite health
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    ReActif posted on Aug 18, 2020 3:17:02 AM - Report post
    Regarding infinite health, it works and it's just a concern that is related to its use that I wanted to mention, not knowing if it can be fixed or not.


    Over the course of the game, one gets the power to switch between human form and cat form. If we activate this power while the infinite health script is active, the character is ejected at very high speed to the right and finds himself ejected 3 or 4 screens further away, even if there was no direct passage, the character can, depending on the case, be stopped by a wall or passed through it and the game will place the character in an existing place which seems to correspond to the coordinates!

    In the worst case, we undergo a detransformation without having planned it as the beginning of a boss fight or a scripted dialogue and our character is ejected outside the dialogue area or the fight without being able to die and sometimes forces a restart the game by force.


    I have the impression that during the transformation our character is reset and the script seems to put the value of the character's life at horizontal speed to the right to the character.

    Possible that during this change of form the pointers are modified or something of the kind.


    * As long as we do not have the power of transformation:
    There is no need to worry about this problem

    * If you are in human form:
    Disable the infinite health script before activating the power to turn yourself into a cat.

    * If you are in cat shape:
    Disable the infinite health script before doing the following actions (all cause detransformation):
    - Activate the power of transformation
    - Interact with an element
    - Interact with an NPC
    - Interact with the bell to save
    - Enter a boss fight
    ($toBe || !$toBe) == this.theQuestion();
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