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Game bans on steam
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    Budshoot69 posted on Mar 01, 2020 12:27:12 AM - Report post
    Only time I've gotten a ban in any games I've used the trainers on was Forza 4. As others have warned, I was stupid and cheated myself $1MM+ in cash to buy some cars and whammo, ban! No appeal or anything, just no more multiplayer which I'm honestly good with since I play single player anyways. I do wonder though if my ban had been closer to the time which I bought the game if I could have successfully disputed with my credit card company since I technically am not getting the product I paid for (yea I know, my own fault but still makes me wonder). With Forza, I'd had it for about 6-12 months before I used the cash cheat and caught the ban.
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    zerfines posted on Sep 05, 2020 8:45:31 AM - Report post
    got banned in one game for using cheat in single player but that's about it and they actually removed the bane a few days ago because i newer used any cheats when I played online and only said they hope i newer start using cheats to effect others experiences of online gaming =D thaw newer played that game agen thaw =/

    But if you stick to playing single player there is like 99.9% security of not getting banned as long you don't cheat online or any multiplayer modes or co-op and if you are still worried block the games online access when you play it whit cheats if possible ofc ,, sorry for any crappy spelling =^.^=

    but just stick to single player and you wont haw any problems m8
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    LucidLife posted on Sep 29, 2020 11:26:08 AM - Report post
    Never had any issues with any platforms, including steam. Make sure to follow the guidelines and use it offline/single player only.
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