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Optimise CoSMOS please
slavonac89  posted on Jan 09, 2020 4:15:01 PM - Report post

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No like seriously, optimise CoSMOS.
I don't like posting feed back in general when ever something is annoying or even good, im just lazy but CoSMOS is a problem, I like CoSMOS more then cheat engine but like it's seriously memory hungry. While I was trying to manipulate special resource in Nimbatus, I couldn't find the address because later when I found out, value that you see in game is something completely different then whats in game's code, so I turned to another option which is unknown value search. Now, before I come to the problem, I did use this option earlier in the day when im writing this and after unknown value, I did an unchanged before I did anything to change the value of what im trying to change ingame, cuz ya know, to clear the useless addresses and it did take like more then I think 30 mins (im not sure how long as I was afk when I let it do the thing) and it did what it had to do, after I eventually gotten to the value and eventually I also found out changing the value is bad and would set the value ingame to 0, so I froze it and it worked fine, but now we come to the problem. Later today, I did the same thing, took ages to do but it was screwing up my pc and I literally had to restart how much damage it has done.
Now I would run you down on what has happened
I first opened the tool
Then changed the priority of CoSMOS in task manager to realtime to help it out (which was probably wrong)
Then I opened the game and selected the process of the game in CoSMOS (also loaded into savegame)
I went into cosmos and ticked a setting "Pause target process while scanning" in an attempt to try to help speed it up
Then I ran the unknown value scan
While it was scanning, I went to close few things (including chrome with tabs opened) that are unneeded to give more memory to the tool
First scan was eventually completed so I started unchanged scan, which took really long and eventually got stock
When it got stuck, I became bored and eventually went into task manager, when I found out the tool is using 95% of my memory which is 12GB
So I went to open chrome and I was put on new tab (and no other tabs) which is not what i had opened and my chrome has the keep tabs thing on and there was also the restore option top right which I know normally shows up if chrome didn't close it's self properly and when I clicked restore and chrome crashed
I reopened chrome, nothing was restored and I saw the restore option again, but this time when I clicked it, it didn't crash, rather it opened a new tab like new new tab, empty tab
And then I realised my tabs were gone gone and this really infuriated me as some of them were really important and would need to go thru todays history potentially not find every single one
Then I went into chrome's history and while I was looking chrome crashed... again
After that crash, I guessed setting the priority to realtime is causing the problem so while cosmos was doing it's thing I lowered it's priority to the lowest aka low which did nothing
I went into chrome again and something happened, my screen (2 screens to be exact) turned completely black and after waiting few second, started frantically pressing windows + D key to show desktop, then after few seconds, my main monitor showed up and other one acted as if it was disconnected, I couldn't also do anything on the main screen where the game was as what I assume since the game was frozen by cosmos, it wouldn't do anything what I tried and then I knew I had to task end both the game and cosmos which after I did it, did end both things but lefted me with main monitor working and chrome tabs gone
I restarted the system and all was good, altho I did have to go thru history and I think I found all my tabs and now they are not arranged correctly but atleast they are back

In the end, I love CoSMOS but it's not optimised from what my experience tells me, it's not the first time it caused problems on my computer but this was the most problematic one
I would love to use CoSMOS on when ever I want to change something in games to my liking but it simply isn't finished. Cheat engine has less features but from when I used it, I never from what I recall had issues that would require me to restart my system or anything like that. ngl i would love if it was better then cheat engine in every way

0x90  posted on Jan 09, 2020 5:22:00 PM - Report post

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If you perform an unknown scan it makes a whole copy of the game memory. If you're game is using 8GB, it will be additional 8GB at least. CE does the same except that it writes everything to disk which is RAM but not SSD friendly. So there not much optimization here. Except adding an option to write the results to the disk for users with less memory.

All other scans will take time depending on how many items it has to iterate through. Performing 8 byte / int64 will be fastest. Byte scan will be 8x slower (more or less).

You're using Cosmos v5 which scans are purely software based. Cosmos v6 has hardware acceleration by using AVX2 with fallback to SEE4.1. Here is a screenshot of my last tests you can see what kind of optimization you will get: Link

0x90  posted on Jan 10, 2020 6:57:07 AM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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For completeness I also compared the memory usage of v5 (release mode / optimized) and v6 (debug mode / no optimization): Link showing a -75% decreased memory usage in worst case. However please note that because it's written in .NET you cannot rely too much about what you see in taskmanager unlike a tool written in Delphi like CE. Because in .NET even unused memory remains until the garbage collector kicks in and frees it which is handled by the system and decides more or less on his own when it does it.

Anyway to sum it up: Scan speed duration has been decreased by more -50% at least and memory usage has been decreased by up to -75% with upcoming version.

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