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Cheat Engine Gold
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    Ebithril posted on Aug 19, 2019 7:02:44 AM - Report post

    For anyone who still plays Blackguards II, and like me, have beaten the game and want to play the game again but skip the economic part of the game and get any gear without worrying.
    Here is to you.

    First of, I will briefly talk about the mistake people generaly will do with cheat engine.
    Using cheatengine to search for the 4 bit values of the precise currency will often end you up with the correct number of the given currency you are striving to search for.
    The problem, howver, is that these numbers can sometimes be "sub" numbers provided by another value.
    Aka, you can find the currency you have on display, but if you edit it, nothing will happen. At best, the game might show you that you have indeed edited your gold, but the second you buy something, it will change back to the ammount you actually have, minus the cost of the item you just bought.

    So, the solution is rather simple.
    Isntead of searching for the individual gold, silver, and copper, or all of it as a straight up search.
    You need to combine all the values and convert to hex.
    Ex. If I have 161 Gold, 7 silver, 2 copper, the number would end up as 16172 in total currency value.

    Run this number through a Hex converter, which in this case, ends up as Hex value "00003F2C"
    Search for the Hex-value in CE.

    Buy something in game, take your new total currency and run it again through a hex converter, and search for the given Hex value again.
    Repeat as neccesary to reach 1 Address.

    Now, just take the ammount you want to add, run it through the Hex converter, and edit that number into the Address you have found.

    Congrats, you now have the amount of gold in the game you wanted.

    I hope this is useful to anyone who still enjoys this game.
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    DragonStryder posted on Aug 19, 2019 8:15:55 AM - Report post
    Or just use CoSMOS which is way easier.
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    CJ posted on Nov 14, 2019 8:15:54 PM - Report post
    Thanks, this worked fine.
    I entered the amount of gold then used the Hex button to change the amount to Hex and used a converter to get the hex value and searched for that value, worked like a charm. Wouldn't have known about it had I not read this post.

    Figured id get the game since its currently on sale for $3
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