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  Outward Trainer
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    Jadepheox posted on Jun 18, 2020 5:20:50 PM - Report post
    I am currently running the steam version of the game with the latest DLC installed. I can confirm that the only options that are working are the health options. Activating anything else does not work and immediately causes the game to crash. I am also not getting any error messages when the game crashes.

    13:49:09: Outward, 06-17-2020 (STEAM/EPIC)
    13:54:30: Successfully attached to Outward

    Thank you for getting the health option to work though since I find it to be the most useful option.

    **correction, I was running the trainer version from yesterday. Today's version 6/18/20 seems to be running fine. All options loaded, changed money and health/stamina seem to be stable.

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    Avruch posted on Jun 27, 2020 10:10:40 PM - Report post

    [Edited by Avruch, 6/27/2020 10:30:50 PM]
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    SMYMER posted on Jul 05, 2020 8:26:53 AM - Report post
    The Health, Stamina and Mana options not only affect the player, they also affect enemies making them immortal

    I'm playing with the mono version with Mods enabled, but none that affect health, stamina and mana, just looting
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    WolfDrache posted on Jul 06, 2020 12:22:20 AM - Report post
    I am confused to why get rid of the older version setup for the outward Trainer, it had everything, including no weight limit for the back pack. But the new trainer doesn't have it at all. That is my question why make it this that is missing all important stuff for a good trainer. The new doesn't do anything at all except to max out health and stamina?
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    cantorsdust posted on Jul 24, 2020 12:14:24 PM - Report post
    originally posted by Caliber

    originally posted by hellrazare

    The edit silver dont work, it dont even show the correct amount to what you have. The stamina options do not work they always show ??? or 0's. after freezing some of the options the game glitches and you loose the ability to interact with things using F.
    these are the issues ive had so far. going to test the HP ones here in a sec cause that seems to be the only option working correct.

    couple things

    you don't mention which platform you are using, steam or epic.
    both platforms have already updated 2 times more in the last 24 hours.
    both platforms use different engine outlay.. steam is .dll il2cpp, epic is mono script unity. we we literally have to update two completely differently written trainers for two completely different release platforms..
    steam version uses .dll which makes harder to update and find unique and useful code areas to intercept.. thus why there is no crafting for it, etc.
    this is also why we aren't adding much else to the trainer.

    new trainer for steam likely already posted today.
    epic we are resinstalling to make sure it's the latest and will check later.

    make sure you are using the correct trainer for the correct platform


    Consider building the Steam trainer for the "default-mono" beta branch on Steam. This is required for anyone who is modding the game anyway, and would give you the same architecture for both Steam and Epic. You'd just need an instruction in your trainer that Steam users need to switch to that branch, which is simple.

    I'll make a version request for this, if anyone reading would like to vote with me on this. Then you could run this trainer along with mods, hopefully.

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    Yuisan posted on Aug 01, 2020 7:13:45 PM - Report post
    I agree with cantorsdust. it definitely is disappointing that the trainer is limited on options due to the .dll format steam has. However the beta branch version says it is the mono version which i assume is the format that epic uses.

    Out of curiosity and my very limited knowledge of these types of things i did try using the epic version trainer with the beta branch game from steam and had no success but i did have a slightly different error message. I should have posted that here as well.

    Anyways i do hope the steam version of the trainer can ultimately end up with the same options as the epic trainer. I am relatively content to use what is currently available since i understand the potential time and effort it takes to keep up a trainer for one version of the game, let alone supporting two platforms and also the rest of the trainers for countless other games on the site that have to be maintained.
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