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Cheat Table for Cosmos
ok12345  posted on Jan 26, 2019 11:31:31 AM - Report post

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how to cheat Items or combine Tables/Trainers

[Edited by ok12345, 1/29/2019 5:55:36 AM]

ok12345  posted on Jan 29, 2019 5:26:00 AM - Report post

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I dont know if its alowed to lnk to ther wbsites so i just tipe in what to gogle forSpoiler:
RESIDENT EVIL 2 9 3 table Update6

Description of Cheat Table

made some scripts for the full game
if in doubt, read the descriptions first
almost all item IDs are shared by CJBok
weapons upgrade offset ammo type offset and 3 more scripts shared by CJBok and gir489

updated ignore ammo pouch. rather than reload 1 ammo at a time, SLS 60 (Claire starting weapon) with Speed Loader upgrade can reload to full clip instantly now.
updated game player time mod. enemies' attack sequence won't be stopped when the time has reach the stop at time now as a result the display time in game may appear 1 second less then what you set via the script
updated game player time mod and highlighted item with aobscan
updated the weapons upgrade pointer divided it into 8 binaries now

added game player time mod made based on the info CJBok shared
added LUA to register 3 custom types for the game player time mod temperately (will be removed on next CE start). you have to allow C E to run the LUA for easy time setting via game player time mod.
added additional scripts/pointers shared by CJBok and gir489.
changed the default key combination for theslow motion script.
removed a useless structure.
added damage multiplier.
updated undead. multi-zombies killed should be avoided now. report and read the description first
added slow motion
updated max knife duration to inf sub weapons it covers the 2 grenades now was tracing the codes to make an ignore sub weapons script to save at least 3 inventory space but got bored and want to play the game maybe later?
updated ignore ammo pouch it won't freeze the raindrops and various dead-loop now
updated ignore ammo pouch you can switch ammo without bringing any ammo pouch with you now
- added max knife duration
- updated enable changed the identifier for reload from max ammo check to id check
- updated undead allows you to edit the min health now
- updated the table for the full game
- lock game time and no-clip are removed. I don't need them anymore
- max knife duration is removed for now will be updated when I get the knife

- added slow walk key and noclip
- updated max knife duration changed knife filter to id check
- added universal item see descriptions
- added the pointers to highlighted item in your backpack also see descriptions

by script default when activated health still drop when being bitten until it reaches red danger but you wont die
you can raise the min health if you want
dont set min health lower than 360

damage multiplier
by script default when activated multiply the damage done to non-player by 2
multiplier can be changed after the script is activated
most likely the damage taken by allies would be multiplied as well will update accordingly if there are allies later

no reload
you can always fire guns regardless of the current ammo clip you have
ammo still drop until it reaches zero when fired
REMEMBER to turn off the "Auto-reload" in the "Options Controls" menu first

ignore ammo pouch
you can reload your guns without any ammo pouch in your inventory
you can switch ammo without any ammo pouch in your inventory
ammo pouches you brought with you will still be decreased until they disappear when you reload the guns

inf subweapons
grenades quantity wont drop below 1 when used either by throwing manually or countering a zombie bite
knife duration would stay max when you counter a zombie bite with the combat knife just remember to retrieve the knife from the downed zombie afterwards

universal item
allows you to interact with world objects with any item from your inventory
for example open spade key doors with your handgun ammo
press and hold CapsLock key or the key you specified when clicking on the item in the inv AND when clicking on the USE option
should not be used on world objects that allows multiple items eg dark room multi items puzzle etc

slow walk key
the walk speed is quite good most of the time but a little bit too fast when youre in a dark room corridor so when activated hold CapsLock key to walk slower

slow motion
by script default, when activated hold Mouse X1 Button and Mouse Right Button ie hold Mouse X1 Button when aiming would enter slow-motion by using C Es speedhack
you can change the key combinations and the speed after you activated the script

game player time mod
when activated game play time would stop at the time you specified
the display time ingame may appear 1 second less then what you set via the script
by script default time would stop at 15843
for easy time setting remember you have to allow C E to run the L U A when you open the table

highlighted item
this is just good for simple quantity edit for example to actually change a weapon you still need to locate the object itself to edit other properties like max ammo as Sun Beam were onto it already this script wont be refined that said
you can change item type and quantity of the highlighted item in your backpack
if its a weapon item id would be 0 x 00000000 if its not a weapon weapon id would be 0 x ffffffff
dont freeze the values unless you know what you are doing
if you are new to C E REMEMBER you don't need to freeze the value ie put a tick in the box in front of the address if you just want to edit the value

As you can see there they got the Item thing working.

ok12345  posted on Jan 29, 2019 5:29:00 AM - Report post

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Found the Items Ids posted somehwere



00000000:is weapon
00000001:First Aid Spray
00000002:Green Herb
00000003:Red Herb
00000004:Blue Herb
00000005:Mixed Herb (G+G)
00000006:Mixed Herb (G+R)
00000007:Mixed Herb (G+B)
00000008:Mixed Herb (G+G+B)
00000009:Mixed Herb (G+G+G)
0000000A:Mixed Herb (G+R+B)
0000000B:Mixed Herb (R+B)
0000000C:Green Herb
0000000D:Red Herb
0000000E:Blue Herb
0000000F:Handgun Ammo
00000010:Shotgun Shells
00000011:Submachine Gun Ammo
00000012:MAG Ammo
00000016:Acid Rounds
00000017:Flame Rounds
00000018:Needle Cartridges
0000001A:Large-caliber Handgun Ammo
0000001B:High-Powered Rounds (SLS 60)
0000001F: Detonator
00000020:Ink Ribbon
00000021:Wooden Board
00000022:Electronic Gadget
00000023:Battery (9-volt)
00000025:Gunpowder (Large)
00000026:High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow)
00000027:High-Grade Gunpowder (White)
00000030:High-Capacity Mag. (Matilda)
00000031:Muzzle Brake (Matilda)
00000032:Gun Stock(Matilda)
00000033:Speed Loader (SLS 60)
00000034:Laser Sight (JMB Hp3)
00000035:Reinforced Frame (SLS 60)
00000036:High-Capacity Mag. (JMB Hp3)
00000037:Shotgun Stock (W-870)
00000038:Long Barrel (W-870)
0000003A:High-Capacity Mag. (MQ 11)
0000003C:Suppressor (MQ 11)
0000003D:Red Dot Sight (Lightning Hawk)
0000003E:Long Barrel (Lightning Hawk)
00000040:Shoulder Stock (GM 79)
00000041:Regulator (Flamethrower)
00000042:High Voltage Condenser (Spark Shot)
00000048:Film "Hiding Place"
00000049:Film "Rising Rookie"
0000004A:Film "Commemorative"
0000004B:Film "3F Locker"
0000004C:Film "Lion Statue"
0000004D:Storage Room Key
0000004F:Mechanic Jack Handle
00000050:Square Crank
00000051:Unicorn Medallion
00000052:Spade Key
00000053:Parking Garage Key Card
00000054:Weapons Locker Key Card
00000056:Valve Handle
00000057:S.T.A.R.S. Badge
0000005A:Red Jewel
0000005B:Bejeweled Box
0000005D:Bishop Plug
0000005E:Rook Plug
0000005F:King Plug
00000062:Picture Block
00000066:USB Dongle Key
00000070:Spare Key (key pad)
00000072:Red Book (Art Object)
00000073:Statue's Left Arm
00000074:Left Arm with Book
00000076:Lion Medallion
00000077: Diamond Key
00000078:Car Key
0000007C:Maiden Medallion
0000007E:Power Panel Part
0000007F:Power Panel Part
00000080:Lovers Relief
00000081:Small Gear
00000082:Large Gear
00000083:Courtyard Key
00000084:Knight Plug
00000085:Pawn Plug
00000086:Queen Plug
00000087:Boxed Electronic Part
00000088:Boxed Electronic Part
0000009F:Orphanage Key
000000A0:Club Key
000000A9:Heart Key
000000AA:U.S.S. Digital Video Cassette
000000B0:T-Bar Valve Handle
000000B3: Dispersal Cartridge (Empty)
000000B4: Dispersal Cartridge (Solution)
000000B5: Dispersal Cartridge (Herbicide)
000000B7:Joint Plug
000000BA:Upgrade Chip (Admin)
000000BB:ID Wristband (Admin)
000000BC:Electronic Chip
000000BD:Signal Modulator
000000C2:Sewers Key
000000C3:ID Wristband (Visitor)
000000C4:ID Wristband (General Staff)
000000C5:ID Wristband (Senior Staff)
000000C6:Upgrade Chip (General Staff)
000000C7:Upgrade Chip (Senior Staff)
000000C8:ID Wristband (Visitor)
000000C9:ID Wristband (General Staff)
000000CA:ID Wristband (Senior Staff)
000000CB:Lab Digital Video Cassette
000000F0:Fuse (Main Hall)
000000F1:Fuse (Break Room Hallway)
000000F4:Bolt Cutter
000000F5:Stuffed Doll
00000106:Hip Pouch
00000123:Portable Safe
00000125:Tin Storage Box
00000126:Wooden Box
00000127:Wooden Box
00000128:Tin Storage Box


FFFFFFFF:not weapon
00000001:Handgun - Matilda
00000002:Handgun - M19
00000003:Handgun - JMB Hp3
00000004:Handgun - Quickdraw Army Revolver
00000007:Handgun - MUP
00000008:Handgun - Broom Hc
00000009:Handgun - SLS 60
0000000B:Shotgun - W-870
00000015:Sub Gun - MQ 11
00000017:Sub Gun - LE 5 (Infinite)
0000001F:MAG - Lightning Hawk
00000029:EMF Visualizer
0000002A:Grenade Launcher - GM 79
0000002B:Chemical Flamethrower
0000002C:Stun Gun - Spark Shot
0000002E:Combat Knife
0000002F:Combat knife (Infinite)
00000031:Anti-tank Rocket
00000041:Hand Grenade
00000042:Flash Grenade
00000052:Handgun - Samurai Edge (Infinite)
00000053:Handgun - Samurai Edge (Chris Model)
00000054:Handgun - Samurai Edge (Jill Model)
00000055:Handgun - Samurai Edge (Albert Model)
000000DE:ATM-4 (Infinite)
000000F2:Anti-tank Rocket (Infinite)
000000FC:Minigun (Infinite)

[Edited by ok12345, 1/29/2019 5:39:24 AM]

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