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    ServiusTheBear posted on Jan 08, 2019 4:19:21 AM - Report post
    Story: Now this game is a story driven based cyberpunk card game inspired by Blade Runner which I know and states another game called Neuromancer. Which I will look at. Now corporations own everything in this world and the line between humans and machine is blurred. Your pushed to the only option left is to fight to survive. Instantly cyberpunk and card game together has me going ooo yeah I gotta play this one. Now this is a indie game so it is nice to good games like this from indie developers. It is showing great talent.

    The Graphics: Firstly your graphic options are controlled while starting up the game. From fastest to Fantastic. Resolution was played at 1080 and it looked great even with that. Nothing ingame to tweek with. But no need really. The art work on the backgrounds and even on the cards are good.

    Game play: You have several modules which open up after completing each. The game runs smooth for this style of game. Multiple choice responses in the conversations regarding contracts. While in fights you use the mouse control to select the cards you want to use. Even the tutorial you get in the game is easy to understand to. I can not really fault this at all.

    Controls: Controls are showing in the start up window under Input tab. They are configurable from there only. They are straightForward to use.

    The Music: Go's with the cyberpunk feel of the game which am liking.

    The Reply Value: For me yes I would defo return to this game to try doing it differently with different cards. Along with the dlc that is also there called Underworld adding a new story campaign to play along with a new card set to with slight changes.

    Bug/Glitches: None from what I could see.

    Overall: Story is great cyberpunk is one of my interests so this game had me hooked at that. Graphics yummy the artwork is great. I do like it when it visually hooks me to. Gameplay I can't fault it works to a T for the style of game. Controls easy and simple to deal with and configure. Music just gos with the game. Replay value is there changing card decks to challenge yourself, hell yeah. No bugs or issues with the game. For this game I give it 10 paws out of 10. Defo worth the buy if you like cyberpunk card games.
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