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Sticky Topic  Membership Changes on Jan 1 -Please Read
SpiritWolf448  posted on Nov 30, 2018 2:06:49 AM - Report post

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Well, between the MH:W problem and this decision, it certainly is an interesting time here on CH.

Though I must confess that I still don't really like the whole "as soon as you stop paying, our programs will cease to work for you" deal. Never was a fan of the "-as-a-service" model, and never will be. I'm too old for this new age .

I recognize the economic necessity to change things, but that does not require me to like it, no?

In the end, I'm glad I got my Lifetime Plus running quite a while ago.

wozjtf  posted on Nov 30, 2018 4:37:12 AM - Report post

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I also don't like this idea of trainers not working once your membership expires. Lucky for me i have a lifetime membership. It is really a end of a era at CH. However CH had to make this hard decision if they were to survive and provide more trainers. It is a different world now compared to when CH started and it has moved rapidly.

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ServiusTheBear  posted on Nov 30, 2018 3:55:36 PM - Report post

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This was inevitable, thought it would have happened sooner. But I certainly understand why. The bear will always be here on stand by. Even with my work life situation. CH 4 LIFE!
MarkDecal  posted on Dec 01, 2018 8:13:50 PM - Report post

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I appreciate all that this team has done over the years. I knew that the lifetime membership offer was a steal when i joined years ago. What is being offered now is still a great value.
slutrev  posted on Dec 01, 2018 8:32:56 PM - Report post

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originally posted by 0x90

Like PWizard said we all aren't happy about this change but its unavoidable. And it doesn't matter if we take this cut today or tomorrow. The day it comes it will always have the same effect. We hope you guys and girls understand that we are no longer selling a finished product but a service. And business-as-service only works with a stable and steady income, like Netflix and all the others.

Ya but net flix offers a steady viable product, so with the rising cost and everything revamped, then we should expect to see a defiant improvement in the quality of trainers, improvement in selection and mainly, your customer service which is lacking.but don't mind me im just a lowly yearly and I know I don't count. I'm still thinking of pulling the trigger on a lifetime but my only fear is you guys turning into steam with their early access. don't know how many games i ve bought were the developers took the money and ran... I am a decent customer have to date 482 games from steam[no torrents].i love CH and what you guys do but I think your gonna scare people and their not gonna bite.there's no other options ? Like go on fig and let people invest in endeavors?that could work

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Seeker012  posted on Dec 01, 2018 10:46:36 PM - Report post

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Hello everyone,

First off I have nothing but respect for the CH team and all it's members and I hope this post will remain civil but I'm quite disappointed that CH has become a pay per service like so many other business models out there though I understand the need to keep up with ever increasing costs and new anti-cheat methods and that it was difficult for the team to make this decision.

While I hope that my view is not overly flamed or met with hostility as I enjoy my own membership way back in 2013 when I first joined but just as I'm against the pay per month/year cost of Lifetime PLUS and continue to hope a one time payment like Liftetime will eventually become available (altough unlikely) I would also encourage any potential new users to think twice before joining after 1 Jan 2019 as additional potential changes like pay per trainer or existing memberships may become pay per month depending on the business needs over time may occur depsite assurances to the contrary.

Again I hope not to be the bad guy here for expressing my view but I'm worried that Cheat Happens may become unaffordable for most of us gamers as prices continue to rise.

Thank you all!

ooopsitsme  posted on Dec 01, 2018 10:49:05 PM - Report post

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slutrev, seriously! What in the actual is even your point?

For staff at Cheat happens, I wish you all the best and congrats on new service, whatever you have to do to stay viable is what matters really to us who have come to love what you offer. For me, it means playing games the way i wanna play them and that makes me very happy... so ... Big, Huge even, Thank you to dear Cheat Happens staff! Don't listen to the haters and keep ya skin thick, there is a whole mess of us who just love this site and yes , you are actually allowed to earn money for your butter and bread....

seriously slutrev, who pays your rent?

garyrhuman  posted on Dec 01, 2018 11:13:24 PM - Report post

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Is this new changes do any effect on my current subscription?
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