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Sticky Topic  CoSMOS | Advanced 5.0 Beta Released
PWizard  posted on Oct 12, 2018 6:00:37 AM - Report post

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CoSMOS Advanced Changelog 5.0.6

Solution Explorer:
[+] Added context menu items to open or open in explorer

[+] Static addresses in scan results are now highlighted
[~] Scanning for unknown values now also shows the scan progress

Cheat Table:
[~] 'Active' column auto grows in width when expanding nodes
[~] Pointer offsets are now string addresses which allows the usage of symbols
[!] Fixed import of CE tables
[!] Fixed several issues with pointer items

Script Editor:
[~] Revert intellisense shown on word start by default

Dissect Structure:
[+] Added change value type context menu item and shortcut

[+] Added flags to disassembler debugger register view
[~] Double click on 'Find out' item adds it to cheat table instead of showing it in dump

PWizard  posted on Oct 16, 2018 8:28:43 AM - Report post

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CoSMOS Advanced Changelog 5.0.7

[+] Added common redistributable folder

[!] Fixed float 'value between' fails at certain conditions
[!] Fixed hex value is marked as invalid on hex data types
[!] Fixed hex scan shows values in non hex format

[+] Added floating registers for 32bit targets
[+] Added copy register context menu item in register view
[+] Added target address to register view
[+] Added FPU to register view
[+] Added message if attaching debugger fails because of .NET core runtime is missing
[~] Aligned register view content
[!] Fixed EDI/RDI register was missing in register view
[!] Fixed freeze on attaching debugger for the second time to the same running target
[!] Fixed when closing CoSMOS 'unloading' VEH failed when target is still running
[!] Fixed various issues with debugging unity games

Mono Engine:
[+] Added support for read / write timeouts
[~] Heavily improved reliability
[~] Non representable data types (i.e. object, vectors, arrays ...) in structures are now shown as pointers
[!] Fixed resolving unity structure ends in a disconnect in some situations
[!] Fixed reconnecting to target failed in some situations
[!] Fixed freeze in rare situation when target process is not reachable, i.e. frozen.

PWizard  posted on Nov 15, 2018 2:28:50 PM - Report post

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CoSMOS Advanced Changelog 5.0.8

[~] Updated submodules
[!] Fixed minor memory leaks
[!] Fixed issues with unexpected tab placement / switching under specific circumstances

[~] Improved scan speed on scans with lots of scanning results, e.g. >100.000 results up to 40% faster

Cheat Table:
[+] Added option to duplicate items
[!] Fixed an issue with editing address item description

Script Engine:
[+] Added line number to LUA exceptions
[~] Improved AOB search string generation for AOB injections
[~] Increased range of generating injection location comment
[~] Formatted addresses in injection location comment are now based on your settings
[!] Fixed generating injection location comment rarily screwed up

Memory Viewer:
[~] Formatted address in find AOB window is now based on your settings

.NET Assembly Viewer:
[+] Added clear context menu item in find references window

[!] Fixed issue with assembling strings

[!] Fixed for some instructions symbol wasn't resolved, such as for calls or jumps

[+] Detaching debugger tries to cleanup existing breakpoints now
[+] Added option to open 'Find Out' as floating windows instead of docked
[+] Added copy context menu items in 'Find Out' windows
[~] Displaying FPU in fixed-point format in register view
[!] Fixed some issues with 32bit targets

Structure Dissect:
[+] Added option to change values
[+] Added option to delete selected items

[~] Minor improvements
[!] Fixed unnessary messagebox when attaching to a new process while speedhack was active

PWizard  posted on Dec 13, 2018 3:29:54 PM - Report post

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CoSMOS Advanced Changelog 5.0.9

[~] Checking for updates failure now gives a warning instead of an error

Cheat Table:
[+] Added copy items with CTRL+C to clipboard
[+] Added paste CheatEngine and Cosmos tables with CTRl+V from clipboard
[+] Added toggle active status of selected items with CTRL+E, C
[!] Fixed import of some early Cosmos 4 tables

[+] Added selecting start / end address from module
[~] Around +20% faster scan speed and -18% memory usage (Measured on 1.000 iterations, 15.000.000 scan results per iteration)
[!] Fixed errors on scanning for signed data types
[!] Fixed not finding aob when aob starts with wildcard
[!] Fixed an issue with filtering values with exponents

[+] Added changing register values
[+] Added support for adding data breakpoints via breakpoint view
[+] Added an option to break at unexpected exceptions
[~] Performance improvements for stepping into/over
[!] Fixed several issues with stepping over

Script Engine:
[+] Added script description to errors if available
[+] Added support for reassemble
[~] Aobscan templates uses readmem now to eliminate repetitive code changes when AOB has changed, can be turned off in settings
[!] Fixed an issue when preferred allocation address is a symbol within the script
[!] Fixed wrong 'cannot be compiled' error in rare circumstances
[!] Fixed failed to find aob on mono targets although its valid in very specific circumstances

Symbol Handler:
[~] Invalid symbols where the memory address or size is 0 are now skipped on loading

Log View:
[+] Tab header flashes now if an error occured

Script Editor:
[+] When directly injecting a script with an allocation you will be asked if you want to go there
[~] Search window now stays open when clicked outside

Memory Viewer:
[+] Added fill memory tool
[~] Range fields in find aob window now trigger scan when return key is pressed
[~] Increased range fields with
[~] Increased width of disassembler view's address column
[~] Split dump view from disassembler and moved it into its own tool window
[~] Memory Viewer has been renamed to disassembly viewer
[!] Fixed debug register view may fill up whole width

Dump Viewer:
[~] Improved the way changes are highlighting so it no longer highlights them when you scroll or go to an address

Breakpoint View:
[+] Added DEL as hotkey to remove breakpoints

.NET Assembly Viewer:
[~] Search window now stays open when clicked outside
[!] Fixed showing structure may fail on sub class targets

Lua Editor
[+] Initialize release

[+] Added lua log window (when you don't see it, go to Windows -> Lua)
[+] Added LaunchMonoDataCollector API
[+] Added mono_enumDomains API
[+] Added mono_findClass API
[+] Added mono_class_getStaticFieldAddress API
[+] Added unregisterSymbol API
[+] Added registerSymbol API
[+] Added getNameFromAddress API
[+] Added allocateMemory API
[+] Added deAlloc API
[+] Added getPreviousOpcode API
[+] Added loadTable API
[+] Added saveTable API
[+] Added openProcess API
[+] Added getProcesslist API
[+] Added enumModules API
[+] Added inModule API
[+] Added support for address parameters in decimal format
[~] Moved lua log into its own log viewer

Structure Dissect:
[+] Added change description of selected items

[!] Fixed crash on some games

apocaca2  posted on Dec 28, 2018 1:16:46 AM - Report post

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Sorry, the value is not narrowed down by pressing NextScan

[Edited by apocaca2, 1/15/2019 7:12:12 PM]

PWizard  posted on Jan 17, 2019 6:08:31 AM - Report post

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CoSMOS Advanced 5 now out of BETA. Download from --> Link

CoSMOS Advanced Changelog 5.1.0

[+] Added global hotkeys
[+] Added an option to disable performance logging
[+] Added visual indicator when symbols are still being loaded
[+] Added -p/--pid command line argument to attach to process by its PID
[+] Added -pn/--process-name command line argument to attach to process by its name
[+] Added -t command line argument to launch a cheat table script test
[~] Updated submodules
[~] Cosmos Advanced is now out of beta
[!] Fixed an issue with parsing mono adresses with offset addition like Class:Method+5+1

[+] Added a new rescan method: Realistic (filters out values that last change is unrealistic for values that matter)
[!] Fixed several minor issues

[+] Initial release of Cosmos Advanced 5 documentation

Cheat Table:
[!] Fixed an issue with traversing through child items
[!] Fixed isdirty flag for child items

Test Explorer:
[+] Initalize release
[+] Get notified when an AOB in your script is no longer unique
[+] Get notified about possible updated offsets when your AOB is outdated

Disassembly Viewer:
[+] Added disassembly / byte converter tool
[+] Added replace with NOPs context menu item
[!] Fixed module gets not selected when opening find aob although it should be

Dump Viewer:
[!] Fixed module gets not selected when opening find aob although it should be

Script Engine:
[!] Fixed comment removal taken place in LUA sections
[!] Registered symbols are no longer case sensitive
[!] Script fails when accessing a registered symbol from another script as memory pointer
[!] Fixed syntax check fails on registering allocation symbol
[!] Fixed issue with assert API sometimes failed to accept byte arrays as parameter

Lua Editor:
[!] Lua exceptions are now caught

[+] Added sendKey API
[+] Added keyDown API
[+] Added keyUp API
[+] Added sleep API
[+] Added writeSmallInteger API
[+] Added readSmallInteger API
[+] Added mono_findMethod API
[+] Added mono_method_getClass API
[+] Added mono_invoke_method API
[+] Added remaining APIs to syntax highlighter
[!] Fixed setting speedhack value may fail on some machines when value has a floating point
[!] Fixed an issue with multiline scripts failed in autoAssemble API

Lua Log Window:
[~] Can now be closed

CrazzyGamma  posted on Jan 17, 2019 12:42:13 PM - Report post

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Idk what is causing CoSMOS Advanced to crash every time i find the correct value and click on find out what writes to this address and attach debug my windows 10 pc freezes forcing me to shut my pc down using the power button
0x90  posted on Jan 17, 2019 1:09:10 PM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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I dont know either, working fine on my end and in all my test machines. The fact that you say it freezes your whole system doesn't make much sense either. Maybe a security sofware is causing issues? What target have you tried to attach to? Maybe try something classic software like Notepad.
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