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"You died" on "the Fall" mission?
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    gnossie posted on Mar 27, 2018 10:50:39 PM - Report post
    You can get through this mission successfully by using infinite focus and infinite arrows, but you can't use infinite life, otherwise you'll get this message and fail the mission.

    For some reason, using the trainer's infinite life at any point in this mission, even if you turn it off or even completely exit the trainer, will cause you to fail the mission.

    There's one other mission in Shadow of War of which this is true, but I can't recall which it is. But it's particularly frustrating in "The Fall" since that's such a long mission, with several parts.

    Fabulous trainer. I used it shamelessly from beginning to end of this game, and this was the only part where the trainer caused an issue, and that only with the infinite life functionality.

    There is a rather famous bug (players are still experiencing it, despite claims of a fix) regarding the mission The Etten, which can fail to load. I initially thought that issue too was caused by this trainer, but it definitely was not.

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    Alogan19 posted on Apr 18, 2018 8:19:40 AM - Report post
    I've done the entire mission with trainer. Then at the very last stage (battle in the court-yard before cut-scene) quit the game, load back in with save, do that simple battle, then go inside and after cutscene enable trainer options and duel the boss.

    There were quite a few triggers which will cause instant lose even if you "win" by using the trainer. Such as capturing a fort.

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    Grubbs008 posted on Jul 17, 2018 4:47:57 PM - Report post
    You do not actually need to quit the game as posted above. It's only the health option that causes this bug. So when it says "Enter keep and confront the Warchief" turn the option off Option 1. Then go to a nearby grog barrel and shoot it while being within range. The initial blast will cause the massive health from the option to deplete and the burn damage will let you know it worked. Then simply enter the Keep.

    [Edited by Grubbs008, 7/17/2018 4:48:18 PM]
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