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  I guess this goes here.
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    mtjeeves posted on Jan 17, 2018 11:57:52 PM - Report post
    Put in a report on ffx remaster trainer not detecting the game. Was told my report was denied in a pm. Tried to reply, couldn't. Just put in a ticket giving my response to let them know that I was actually having a problem with the trainer, and that I'd had problems with a few others. I just hadn't reported because I figured I was the only one having the issue from user error, until I noticed the ffx was having problems others reported also when I went to download it for the 4th time.

    Got a response message.
    Asking me to describe problems I was having with other trainers in greater detail.

    Unable to respond to the message....
    I literally buy games I used to play only if there's a trainer for it to make it fun and interesting.

    It really sucks when I buy a game, even if it's only 2 bucks after seeing a trainer (not retired) in the list. Then I download it and it doesn't work. Either wont detect the game, or the functions just don't work once activated. I have plenty of trainers that still work. Civ6 trainer, wizardry 8 trainer, and more though. Don't work any longer. I have a pretty extensive list. 16 games that the trainers just don't work. I have no way of letting a person know. Without having some sort of penalty system applied. Simply because I, a customer alerted you to an issue I was having with a product of yours.

    I just wish there was a better reporting system. I know people are busy, I run a business, I am always busy. I get it, but if you intend to ask me questions without letting me respond. I don't know what good can come of this.

    I hope you guys get this figured out. Maybe next time I see a game I want a trainer for I'll get lucky!
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    Taurusplopp posted on Jan 18, 2018 12:14:23 AM - Report post
    Please reply to the message I sent you in LiveChat as you would reply to any email. - I'd like to keep it there so I close this thread here.
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