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TM showing wrong AV info
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    Dave3d posted on Jan 02, 2018 9:24:21 PM - Report post
    Sorry, today seems to be the day of Trainer manager bugs. ONLY because I just started using it though, not because its buggy, as far as I know anyway.
    So, I got the TM to login, got some of my Trainers listed in there, and then went to the options to see if there was anything I could do there to mitigate any problems with Antivirus or anything else, and to see what options are available to me.
    Well, everything seems to be fine, except the Support Center (OS) settings.
    The AV used says Windows Defender, and its really Norton AntiVirus, NAV hereafter.
    The Antispyware Antimalware says Malwarebytes instead of NAV.
    3rd party firewall says none detected, but windows 8.1 security center shows windows as the firewall, this can be misinterpreted and probably is, by me, because it says 3rd party firewall, and the os firewall os not really 3rd party.

    So, do you have any ideas about getting these straightened out? Or, do they even NEED to be correct? Does the program use the info in any way? Like, if I make a support ticket, will it erroneously use this info?

    If it doesnt use that info at all, then I dont care. But, if it is giving false reportsd to you guys/gals, then I would like the info to be correct.

    And sorry for all the bugs reported today taking up your valuable time.
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