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This game is not new, dont waste points.
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    Lord-Xanthor posted on Dec 16, 2017 10:16:09 PM - Report post
    Just in case anyone else got this title as a new release recommendation, it's not new, and definitely not worth the points to try getting the game out of retirement.
    Back in 2015, Edge Of Space was taken out of Early Access and put up for sale as a new release. Many spent money on the game, to find out all too late that shortly after, the development team took everyone's money and ran off with it. 😭
    Despite buying the game myself, and not playing it yet, I had done a review to warn people not to risk their hard earned cash on a game that was reported by many, very buggy and not complete. The trainer for this game as I can see was also put into retirement shortly after.
    Several years had passed, and EOS is still talked about today, as why people do not trust (EA) games. What was once highly rated, is now showing heavily disliked. You would think this is a dead subject, so why now would someone be writing another review for a not only dead game, but one with a retired trainer as well?
    Simple. Several days ago, Edge Of Space which is still listed on Steam, had some modifications done to it. The company links that led to dead websites (505) errors, suddenly send you to a steam webpage of other titled games being sold, and people are getting emails from steam stating Edge Of Space is a new release, or just suggests it.
    The company who has been milking the $4.50 game made changes in the store, and not only raised the price to $14.99, they also took needed content from the game and are selling it separately as DLC for an additional $11.99. People who are tricked into buying the game, will now have to pay $11.99 more just to get a half written piece of garbage working, if that much can be said.
    Don't be fooled by the emails, and please don't waste your RC points recommending this game be brought out of retirement thinking it's new. The game is old, the people who actually wrote it are long gone, and the company who owns the license just manipulated the files to make more money. Asking for a trainer for this game is not only going to waste the time of the programmers here, its going to cost you RC points which will definitely never be refunded after being forewarned about the issue as it stands.
    What's ironic about the fact the distributer who owns the license is trying to trick people into buying this game, is the fact the original development team who ran off are the only people who have the information to reply/delete/even hide the fact people are getting ripped off. Had the distributer had access to this, all those warning posts would have been deleted already.
    Here is a link to steams Edge Of Space discussion forum so you can see for yourself, why buying this unfinished game now, is not worth the aggravation.
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