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  A Special Thanks to Taurusplopp
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    B4Marc posted on Dec 16, 2017 6:26:49 PM - Report post
    originally posted by Neo7

    originally posted by Gameplayer69

    Excellent welcome back Tauruplopp. Perhaps CH can implement a zero-tolerance policy for fools and entitled narcissistic behaviour? The only problem is who would police that? Anyways its clear from this thread that there are heaps of cool and lovely people here who hopefully balance the other fools here. Take care

    Zero-tolerance policies do nothing but backfire. If we make a mistake (and we do), it looks bad on us and rolling back that mistake costs more. Additionally it can scare people away as reputation spreads by word of mouth.

    The best defense is to ignore them and show them the door. It sucks and does zap the life out of you but that is the nature of customer facing responsibility. What really helps us out is when the community helps defend when they see it although this is hard and many strike out far too harshly which hurts the image more. Professionalism and formality are keys to driving unruly out and letting them know they're not fitting in with the community.

    Really well put Neo7

    Freedom is doing what we enjoy, happiness is enjoying what we do.

    La liberté c'est faire ce que l'on aime, le bonheur c'est aimer ce que l'on fait.

    Happy pc gamer
    Joyeux pc luron
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    Dave3d posted on Dec 22, 2017 12:56:59 AM - Report post
    I am glad that Taursplopp decided to come back.
    It seems maybe everyone needs to take a break, and not work so much.
    Its the holidays, everyone should be with family, or just relaxing in whatever way they want (except working), for even just a few days, it can really help take the edge off.
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