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Special Rewards for Lifetime+ on Dec 1st
dutchpeti  posted on Dec 05, 2017 6:17:13 AM - Report post

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thxxxxx its very nice from you all, happy christmus and a happy new year 2018.
wish you all healthy at 2018. i'm a happy member at CH.
Vallentin76  posted on Dec 06, 2017 3:26:36 PM - Report post

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Merry Christmas......
Elanghel  posted on Dec 06, 2017 3:34:51 PM - Report post

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"First, a little history. Cheat Happens started offering lifetime memberships 12 years ago at the price of $29.95."

w00t! You meant months right?

PWizard  posted on Dec 06, 2017 3:38:23 PM - Report post

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Unleashed3k  posted on Dec 06, 2017 4:00:11 PM - Report post

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originally posted by mrpayday

I want to repeat this, because I am sure that testimonials of long time members help even more to "sell" what makes this site and this Cheat Happens service so great:

Some weeks ago I bought my third Lifetime Plus membership in a row for another 12 months.

I understand the Cheat Happens trainers as Software as a Service (SaaS).
I am playing tons of games every year and it is actually the specific Cheat Happens trainer that adds
1. quality of life improvements to the game
2. the possibility of playing HOW I want to play this game and in my pace
3. the option to ignore the game barriers and mechanics that would otherwise LIMIT my gaming experience

In other words, a CHEAT HAPPENS Trainer adds so much more value to my gaming experience!

In fact, without cheat happens I would not even buy some games because I don't want the game mechanic be my "cage" of experience with limited ressources.

I want to reiterate: Cheat Happens often is the actual reason and incentive for to buy a certain game in the first place!

So while I bought the Lifetime Membership several years ago, I felt by using the Cheat Happens trainers for my games nonstop, every week, sometimes even daily that I paid far less than I could have or SHOULD have:
Developing these trainers and injections, updating them and even updating trainers for games that are many years old, costs time and manpower and therefore money.
Cashing in only once but delivering unlimited service and even more service than some years ago is a business model that might not survive forwever.

So Cheat Happens needs members that understand the concept and the business and the workhours that go into producing, patching and updating high quality, virus free trainers with many options and functions.

By buying the lifetime plus membership and renewing this every year, I just support the site and - compared to my 1500 or 2000 Euro I easily spend every year into my gaming hobby for games and hardware - I felt that 50 Euro per year for this great tools/trainers is like buying a full price game. Once per year. This is NOT expensive but money well spent!

The money of the lifetimes plus members has not more or less value than every other dollar or Euro of the different membership-payment models.
It is just a sign of support, appreciation and another layer of investing into the hobby that helps paying the costs and CH maintenance and salaries, simple as that.

Without Cheat Happens, my gaming experience would be really hurt, and I mean it.
Keep up the great work, dear CH staff, I really appreciate your service!

A satisfied customer from Germany

[Edited by mrpayday, 12/4/2017 10:54:54 PM]

+1, totally nailed the Point

rgelias2000  posted on Dec 06, 2017 5:30:16 PM - Report post

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You guys Rock! I have been with you forever and I have not regretted a single day or payment. Thank you very much for all you do.
tazntaylr  posted on Dec 07, 2017 9:45:58 AM - Report post

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Thank you again guys, and for the great work.
Recon66  posted on Dec 08, 2017 5:50:14 AM - Report post

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My wife and grandson send their greetings as for myself thank you.

Semper Fi

PDD Ed Lee
Retired U.S.M.C.

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