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Asking to Help Fund Trainers & Updates
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    PWizard posted on Sep 20, 2017 12:58:14 PM - Report post
    I've been seeing more and more of this happening on the message boards where one user pleads for others to put points towards an existing trainer request, request the same game or report that a trainer needs an update despite those users not even owning the game. While this is a nice gesture, it overrides the entire purpose the rules were put into place to begin with. We have only 2 full time trainer makers who are making a combined 250+ trainers and updates a month. Every day their schedule is full. Falsely inflating requests causes our trainer makers not only more work, but to incorrectly prioritize certain trainers over others. We don't need to be spending half a day on a trainer that 1 person wants and will download versus one that 100+ people will download. If a game is popular enough then it should organically receive enough requests to get it placed in the queue. Otherwise we have an option in our RC store to bypass the update request requirements and a way to get a personal trainer made without meeting the requests requirements. If you don't have enough RCs, we have tons of ways for people to earn them (Link) although no one seems interested so we will likely discontinue that program and the only way to earn RCs will be through the various memberships.

    So, I'm putting everyone on notice that this will not be tolerated from this point forward. Mods are to notify me if they see this happening and appropriate measures will be taken.
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    B4Marc posted on Dec 18, 2017 8:01:09 AM - Report post
    After seeing my post removed, I got the uneasy feeling that I'm the culprit, I didn't know I couldn't ask for help for an already accepted option request.

    Then I should feel really sorry and delete my negative thoughts 🙁
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