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  Why is this requested?
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    Isaac posted on Sep 04, 2017 8:22:10 PM - Report post
    Sure thing. Here's the best I could find, an interview between Bungie's PC Lead and PC Gamer. They won't explicitly use Dedicated Servers, but player's accounts will be tied to Source: Link

    Yet, over on Polygon, Bungie's Engineering Lead stated: "Every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers". Source: Link

    To me it looks like the same thing they did the first time. A mix of P2P and client-server connections. Though Destiny 2 still won't have true Dedicated Servers, it will still have a form of client server hosting which will be better than the original. More secure, less drops, faster, etc. all to support the new PC platform. For example, to run a raid, a player will still need to host it, but the raid itself will be validated by the "raid activity" server.
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    Jaks posted on Sep 04, 2017 11:36:01 PM - Report post
    @ Neo

    Neo, I guess you meant it would be an improper analogy as I didn't see anybody in this thread imply Warden would be used nor would Blizzard be handling any of the security for Destiny-2.

    I see what most everybody sees, that Blizzard will handle the launch and the log-Ins, and Bungie will handle the gameplay and security.

    That said, in that same article that Isaac quoted, above, Bungie's PC lead David Shaw, after saying your Destiny account will be tied to your Battle net account, was also asked if Bungie would also be using Blizzards suite of security too, and he replied:

    "We will definitely be working with the Battle Net folks and working with Activision, and we will be working with our own internal teams to make sure that we can provide the most secure experience possible on day one. Thats one of our key goals"

    Stay tuned.

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    Sapphire posted on Sep 05, 2017 1:32:10 AM - Report post
    Some more sources, the campaign will also be multiplayer, certain parts will be in the open world where you're connected to other players. Link you will see another player in that video. And Destiny has always been a multiplayer game, even the first one had a campaign but that didn't make it offline as your character is stored on a server.

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    PWizard posted on Sep 05, 2017 4:42:53 AM - Report post
    OK then, we will mark this game as permanently retired and refund any credits put towards it. We will not purchase the game to look at it. So, if any of this turns out to be incorrect and a trainer COULD have been made, then I will just refer back here. Thread closed.
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